ASOS - Illamasqua enrapture liquid metal

Sunday, December 11, 2011


i recently bought somthing from asos because it was on clearance and i was thinking why not give it a shot. Liquid bronzy metal would not go wrong right? so i hit the pay button and dang dang dang danggg!

my 3rd illamasqua product - 1st was a blush that i resold it because it wasnt the shade i expect to be and 2nd was nail polishes which its still at hyd house haha!

Sorry for poor image quality.. all picture taken from iphone4

looks so nice when swatch and very "oily" feel. pigmentation is amazing :)

nicesh bronze shade me love love bronze in this shade! great for all over the lid and poof off you go.

and small so its go to bring it for travel :)

but it creases like ..... * no comment*

still i wish it work on me but i not sure is it because my application problem or what because in this post

it does not crease on her and say it creases the least! hmm.. maybe i have break into the product yet and probably its the top layer problem?

anyway i think its a keeper because  it makes a great base for that pop of color, have yet to try it with a UDPP if i can find where i put it haha! its a total mess in my room now so.. maybe other day when i feel adventurous

take care have a great week ahead.. :)

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  1. Pretty!!!!! I have been wanting to try this but Hmm to see that it creases like ****.. Hmmm...


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