Luxasia haul - budget $150 + DUPE?

Friday, November 11, 2011

my very modest haul. i manage to control myself as compare to last year with limiting myself of $150 buget. got a back up of a guerlain foundation in pearly white and a new foundation in AQUA they have the new guerlain lingerie foundation but unfortunately my shade run oos so i cant try the new foundation. Both were selling at $35 each.

stila eyeshadow is for my friend, she say grab any eyeshadow i can find. haha! i have some similar shade to it so i giving all to her :) - sorry no swatches unless i have her permission

when i saw this at the sale floor i knew i have to grab it! i saw these review online and alot love the pigmentation and the beautiful glow it give. so without even thinking i got it i love the patterns on it and can use the brush to swipe and decide if you like it more pink tone or more glow to it. $30 at the sale.

rusty whatsapp me this morning and saying the bronzer is more towards orangey and like bronze-blush that type - took out my nuance blush and solar richie bronzer from mac. i am not sure if my eye playing trick on me? because it looks 80-90% similar. haha!

nuance have a very nice golden glow sheen to it with a very slight hint of coral tone

blondes have a richer bronze shade as compare to nuance

solar richie is a limited edition which have more stronger bronze shade and much pigmented then blondes but they are in the same shade if i build up blondes.

dupe or not you decide. :)

thanks for reading my post:)

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  1. I think all the bronzers will somehow look the same!

  2. Haha blonde looks like nuance and solar riche blended together :)

  3. mich: haha! true true

    kim: oh yah! haha $30 is damn worth it


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