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Friday, November 11, 2011

hihi you all! back with a haul and few review coming up soon.

there is 2 part haul one you can see the the exam haul and the following up is the luxasia sale haul which happen yesterday

so i went a little crazy on my spree with michelle, rusty and kim because firstly i blame it on exam that made everyone was so stress out during the last month. haha so we went on a addictive spree mode haha! secondly, there is SALE every where.. so can you please tell me how to resist? - do not ask me how much it cost because i didnt keep track of my purchase haha! gosh!

what you will be seeing is sigma + sephora + non pareil + bath and body works haul haha - where shall i start?? :D

most of the product i purchase were mainly from recommendation or stuff that i would wanna get for a long time and some of the swatches are availble online NOW for better and clearer swatch. (i have yet to get a camera so all photo taken is from iphone) might do a seperate post for that and do a better review on them.

i showing you which item i am most excited about only haha!


i share the sephora MUFE set with michelle & kim, gotten these 3 gorgeous shade which is just perfect for my collection. i love how 04 is great for base and highlight uses and the 11 - gold is to die for!! 24k gold anyone? haha! and 12 is a very nice bronzy shade great for all over the lid. best of all it does not crease at all! but make sure you screw it tight because it might crack or dry up. will do a post on the whole MUFE aqua cream i have :)


i manage to grab the nyx trio palette. when i saw this online i knew i have to grab it because its very xmas looking and i love how pigmented they are for a fraction of a price.

nyx blush in chocolate moose. it a very nice subtle contour shade for me and its matte which i loving into matte shade now. i think they photograph very well and does not reflect light as much. very pigmented and smooth however they are abit chalky when i swatch but its ok for contour so it doesnt go too strong :)

BATH AND BODY WORKS!! damn they should open a store in singapore!! their product smell sooo nice!! (which by the way lush is opening in SINGAPORE! woohoo! cant wait to try their angel on bare skin :) )

especially the apple scent! yum!! its like apple concentrate goodness! and i really recommend the twilight wood. if you are into vanilla scent with shea butter that sort of smell. this is a MUST! MUST! - i MUST do a personal 1 to 1 review on those scent. each is very unique and now i know why there is always a haul on BnBw with the same product over and over again.. because its so nice you want to slather it everyday!

oh and the huge bottle of the PINK with zebra strip is actually victoria secret lotion which i pair with michelle. mine is would say is more into sweet and fresh toward flora scent. and i love the word - FRESH AND FIERCE haha! but the print is in plastic form so i was abit disappointed :(.

unfortunately me and kim twilight wood got abit of a problem - one arrive "emptied" the bottle wasnt screw properly so we gonna split it up and share what is left in another bottle- sharing is love!!


thanks for looking at my quick exam haul post :)

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  1. I love the apple handibac too! Omg it's the first and only one I'm using now la. I just feel like keep applying and applying hahahaa

  2. i knw right haha so nice!!! me want more!!

  3. Oooh awesome haul! :D

  4. This is interesting, btw, I'm viewing this from my iPhone. Looks good, but could possibly maybe find out how to gain weight on some of the text to make some of the more important information more visible.


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