Review: Viccal + Hanamei Review

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Hi ladies,

i have take part in the sample store for the review of the

Viccal – The Basic Collection


Overall: Initially i though i would like the product very much as it absorb to my skin very fast and i like the "almost" no scent serum. I have to give credit to the packaging is very professional looking and the ingredient that they uses is almost natural ingredient.!

Rating: 1/5 stars!

Reason: To my dismay it does not work out on my skin. I was breaking out right after 3rd day of using it. i have normal to oily skin, and this is the only additional skincare product that i have added to my routine. i do not know why it break me out but i wish it work for me as it claims that repair and renew skin condition and minimise PORES!!! :( i wish it had work for me!! as i have huge pores!


Hanamei - Hair Removal After-care Brightening Serum

Overall: The scent of the serum reminds me of the rose + abit lime scent fairly at the background to it. its very liquidy plus its absorb to the skin fairly quickly. I would usually pat it at my underarm after shower. the initial experice isnt so pleasent because i just shave and while patting it on it sting on me. so my advice DO NOT USE IT AFTERSHAVE!

Rating: 3/5 stars!

Reason: it doesnt really whiten my underarms that much but i would say it does tighten the skin area abit. Since it has a faint scent i would not recommend to use during day time as you will tend to sweat and it gets gross! trust me! i know and i dislike it very much..

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thanks for reading!!

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