La Femme blush collection (SWATCHES HEAVY)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

hey ladies,

i got to know lafemme blush thru my spree partner hydaia, she say the blush is pigmented and cheap. i do not really believe her until she bring hers out and let me play around it it. BOY i am glad she let me jump into the bandwagon.

So when we decided to open up the spree from makeupmania i went to look around for swatches online but its very limited or shade that doesnt look like that shade. so i decided to post up the collection that i have now, since i have been contemplating to post it up because i just started with just 2 shade. BUT now i have 10 shades which remind me that i have get a new palette for them because i putting them in my temporary metal casing with NO magnet!! bad me!!

It cost USD$2.5 for the pan and USD$3 for the pots. which you convert to SGD would be around SGD5 for each blush.


currently all are being place in the yaby empty palette except for 2 because its full house.

using Elf Blush Brush to do the light swatching i went back to dip it back twice max!

Indian Rose - like rasberry shade its has light silver sheen to it

Pink Velvet - Light baby pink with hint of violet with min. silver sheen

Pink - Warm pink with a hint of red, very pigmented advise to use with a light hand :)

Coral Spice - one of my fav. light pink with nice silver "glow" sheen

Rose - One of the Matt shade, nice cool tone pink hint of violent

Stormy Rose - Warm Rosy shade nearly matt finish almost satin finishes.

Lilac Champage - nice violet pink with beaitiful stain finishes

Peach Sparkles - warm coral with light silver sheen.

Cinnabar - great for bronzer use not very shimmer. satin finish (i accidentally niche it when i remove frm the palette - sad!!!!)

Brandy Ice - one of the new fav. it great for contour and its the only blush that has gold sheen that i dare say its very comparable to ROSE GOLD from sleek.


Overall: Yes the blush is pigmented and the name is so beauitful. like Brandy Ice, lilac champage, peach sparkles and coral spice. Since there were limited swatches i have master the psycho technique to convince myself that if the name is pretty the blush would be too! hahaha!

if you have any qns please feel free to ask :D

hope this post would be a great help to those whom want to venture out to la femme blushes



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  1. Great swatches Jo.. I was just abt to put up my swatches!!! Heeee

  2. I have been lemming for these for such a long time but thinking about how many blushers I already have! hahaha

  3. elizaheartsmakeupMay 24, 2011 at 7:03 AM

    I have these blushes! I don't love them because it has alot of fall outs :(

  4. those blushes are AH-mayzing!

  5. Wow Jo, the colour payoff of these blushers are awesome

  6. peach sparkles wow! =D

  7. your posts forever make me want to buy new makeup one leh. :(


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