1st bh cosmetic haul - PICTURE AND SWATCH HEAVY!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

hey babe!

during my paper i hitch a ride on michelle spree on the BH Cosmetic.

my 1st impression was "that look like starmakeup heaven eyeshadow" (i like their eyeshadow alot!! but their CS totally piss me off!) and the eyeshadow naming sequence remind me of (The Coastal Scents Hot Pots). So without hestitating i jump into the spree - which i am not suppose to during the exam/study period so i asked my brother to help me narrow down the shade that i have pre-choosen.

There are few finishes in the BH cosmetic customise eyeshadow. i really like how they have both matte and shimmer of the same shade but different finish which makes it even unique about their product.

all of their eyeshadow are very soft and the swatches does not required any bases what so ever!

  • warm matte - very soft and nice matte finish its not chalky at all it give off subtle "glow" (if you know what i mean)
  • warm shimmer - (i not yet own this finish)
  • cool matte - (i not yet own this finish)
  • cool shimmer - i have own 4/7 from these finish and i like it alot! remind me of M.A.C starflash finish.
  • metallic matte - (i not yet own this finish)
  • metallic shimmer - it reminds me of veluxe pearl finish from M.A.C


as you can see the pattern i prefer shimmer over matte. but i gonna purchase more matte shade because BH change the way i think of matte shade (chalky and messy)


  1. BHCS06
  2. BHCS18
  3. BHCS19
  4. BHMS07
  5. BHCS03
  6. BHMS09
  7. BHWM14





look! i found dupes/similar shade from my SMH loot!

Walkin' After Midnight (SMH) vs BHCS18

Smoke and Mirrors (SMH) vs BHCS19

Walkin' After Midnight (SMH), BHCS18, Smoke and Mirrors (SMH), BHCS19

Show Down Verdict: i like BHCS18 and Smoke and Mirrors (SMH), Yes i know different shade. but if you enlarge the image and compare color by color, clearly you know which is nice!

i like the blue chrome effect from BHCS18 while for the latter is still nice but you can see the pigmentation from the "chrome" is not there :(.

Now for the black shade, i like smoke and mirrors (SMH), because the pigmentation for that shade is sooo pretty! it has speck of silver sheen to it LOVES! while for the latter is very rich black with abit of silver sheen.

overall both brand are on level to each one another however, i prefer BH cosmetic products because i like how they have both matte and shimmer shade the same. i do not want to start on the comparing of their customer service because its not worth comparing :)

my mix loots!

i hope this post is useful if you see anyone open BH spree and you need swatches. because trust me.. their swatches is limited and i try my "wallet" best to get as much as i could haha! because it worth the $$!

thanks for reading!


disclaimer: not link to BH cosmetic what so ever just my own honest review that is purchase by my money! :D

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  1. The eyeshadows looks good and really pigmented:)

  2. i agree with you, BHCS18 and Smoke and Mirrors (SMH) :D nicee

  3. @lin shld really give BH a shot.. get a neutral shade to start off.. can nver go wrong :D

    @kim i know right.. both BH and SMH are on par..

  4. All neutrals very pretty!


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