Stage Haul

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

yes! Haul!

Everyone knows that stage maybe is moving out of SG.

However, i ask if the stage member card can be use in malaysia? They told me is NO. -___-! anyway this is my haul. Damage is ___?? i lost count.. lol! because i ask a friend to CP a brush for me when she drop by on monday! hehe ^^


  • 2 liquid concealer (2 for $9) - review it before and i love it
  • 5 eyeshadow (2 for $9)
  • Eye primer in 01 (2 for $9)
  • stage mascara in standing ovation in blue $?? - my friend claim that its good.. moreover i always want to try a blue mascara.. :p
  • 2 eyeliner in golden globe and teal theater (2 for $9)


did u all haul? better haul now! their price is sooooo tempting!! :D


thanks for reading. ^__^

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  1. Wow, so worth it!!! I shall divert my spendings to BB instead :) haha


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