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Thursday, March 24, 2011

I got this palette because of its packaging and the shade, great for on the go palette for travel.

Guess how much is it?

$4.90 only!!

Location: Toa Payoh Hub, beside the "Come Buy" Bubble tea store (Weird name?! hahaa) the shop name is call - TaZhiang? i usually stock my empty container from here because its cheap and i drop by every wednesday :)

(Click pict for full size)


It comes with a


Top - Corally highlighter, its not very swatch friendly and its hard to pick up the color by brush, its like those thick highlighter? but the shade is damn pretty!

Bottom - Coral blush, its very pigmented and reminds me of instant chic from MAC but more orangey LOVE LOVE!

Eyes - All are shimmer:

Off white brow bone highlighter - pigmentation is mid range need at least 2 swatch

Brown bronzy shade - more towards red tone - pigmentation is instant!

Dark brown reminds me of a MAC shade almost like satin taupe? (TBC) - pigmentation is instant!

Greyish black - least pigmentation need at least 3 swatch, but little goes a long way


does it worth my $4.90?, Yes!

there are few other palette shade which are more on the cute shade side. Do drop by to TPY to take a look at it :)


thanks for reading ^^

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  1. ohh looks not bad! so cheap only!

  2. @kim yesh! u dont even wanna know how fast i pay for the palette! hahahah!

  3. OMG! Wow so nice, pretty & cute. Thanks for sharing my dear! Will try to go there soon!

  4. This looks really promising! Do a look with it soon? Lol, the bubble tea from Come Buy is not bad!

  5. I have that too! Got it last year cos the packaging is so cute.. but I still haven't touch it!

  6. @sandra163 welcome :)

    @beaysandends will do a look tomorrow hehe ^^

  7. @everbluec really?? haha! we have too much makeup to rotate ahaha! some what the packaging remind me of etude house one..


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