Wednesday, February 16, 2011

i am so sad i could not join in the fun due to a quiz in the afternoon. but thanks to michelle for helping me to CP stuff :)

then kimberly got lesson in school later on. so i totally skip my lesson n go find her and see what she got.. hahaha. the 1st thing that kim said to me is "i still very high about the mac sale i cant calm down! HOW?! haha" perhaps this is what we call "After Mac Sales Adrenaline Rush"

Anyway nothing i can say. let the pict do the talking :)

In the groove, Mercurial

swatch is according from the above picture left to right :)

Comfort MSF n Pretty baby (Beauty Powder)

oh, swatch is the other way round :p

Later Pigment

Simple neutral looks that i use from "In The Groove"


Enjoy babes!

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  1. Comfort and Pretty Baby is so pretty!

  2. Hopefully I grabbed enuf for u!

  3. @puteri i knw!! haha!

    @michelle haha! its more then enuff.. totally read my mind! :)

  4. hehe was so high until halfway during my second lecture, i sat there falling asleep =.= later pigment is soooo pretty! but must either use it wet or over a base :/


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