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Saturday, February 19, 2011

i am so happy that i manage to grab the ticket from sophia aka themakeupblogette when she tweeted about it. I am a big big fan of 女人我最大(nu ren wo zui da ) it was dated back my poly year since i have been watching that show, i have been a attentive student infront of the TV watching those teacher including niu er, liu yan, xiao man, kelvin and xiao kai. All their beauty tips are damn useful IMO because we are asian skin type and it is very hard to watch youtube video on guru that is non-asian skintone using skincare product.

so let the lesson begin..

#1. Our asian skin is more prone to dark spot then Caucasian skin. dark spot is due to ageing, lack of sunscreen protection and using product that is highly concentrated in whitening ingredient which might be good for a while but might lead to skin irritation in the long run and might backfire the plan.

#2. Its all about what you eat that can makes the huge difference. Now people are so busy with their life that they switch to taking health supplement for easy convience, however our body can only take in 10% of 100mg of the nutrient from the pills. our body will tend to recognise the 'natural' n chemical process nutrient differently. i cannot stress the importance of taking fresh fruit i can see the difference between my dad who ate all the fruit in the house and my mum doesnt, dad skin is so radiant while mum is always dull looking.

#3. Investing a good skincare that is suitable for your skin type helps in the long run for not only fairer skin, its helps slowing down ageing process and regenerates collagen in the system. Regardless what age you are, its never too late to start skin care practice. i am not encouraging you to go out get the most expensive product you can find, BUT the product that suit your skin :)

These is the 4 most important thing that NIU ER can keep its youth

  • Good Sunblock

  • Whitening serum
  • Vitimin C fruits
  • Collagen and High Protein food


lets break down one by one.

- SunBlock not only MUST contain UVA/UVB, it got to have PA+++. the PA+++ is the highest protection grade for UVA rays which is the leading cause of wrinkle and spots.

- Good Whitening serum for your skin type is the key for keeping the skin tone even and melnine in check :) so that you do not even need to worry which type of makeup product to put on to even out your skintone 1st, this save time in the morning makeup procedure.

- Vit C fruits; most of the fruits contain vit c, not necessary you have to take orange or orange or orange.. which is a common vit c well known to all people. i love to eat berries! which highly contain both vit c and anti-oxidiance. so it nice to venture out different fruits so you wont get boring :) oh.. he ate kiwi when he was in new zealand.

- Collagen and High Protein food is the yummo! :) he cant stop emphasizing how much he lovesssss chicken soup or sometimes fish soup. He just drink the soup and throw away the meat, because all the essence are all in the soup goodness. of course you have to skim off the fats that is floating at the top layer ^^ If you want to have chicken soup? make sure you double boil it for 2 hours to make sure the chicken release all the goodness from within. Or if you are an vegetarian, alternatives would be white fungus which contain natural vegetable collagen, double boil it for 2 hours, then either drink up with little sugar or put into a bottle to chill and use it as collagen boosting serum in your skin care (but do note it last for 3-4 days only).


How do you know which product have the whitening ingredient?? keep a look our for

- Kojic acid (which only KOSE product contain and it comes mainly from the fermentation of rice wheat, it is the most effective ingredient that aids in whitening then vitamin c)

- Ellagic acid

- Arbutin acid

Do NOT forget to look out for reducing melinine pigmentation ingredient

- Chamomile (i have essential oil for the skin and it work for skin problem and cuts)

- Tranexamic acid

- Salicylic acid potassium (normall found in blemish product)

you can see the difference between the left and right mushroom with kojic acid and without the kojic acid

DO NOT be lazy when you see the pigmentation starts to lighten and ignore the routine, BECAUSE THIS IS JUST THE START OF HAVING WONDERFUL SKIN!

constantly with the whitening routine keeps your skin fairer and in the long run lead to building to skin collagen and you will age slowly then others at your age.

He recommend for mature skin to use INFINITY KOSE Realizing White XX which attack the roots of dark spots while for Shirosumi W is more for working ladies that is a little tight on the budget but would want to have a similar effect on Infinity Kose Realizing White XX but you want to prevent dark spots forming.


What is the correct procedure?? i am confuse!!

Step 1: Exfoliate exfoliate exfoliate!!

this is crucial because you want to remove the dead skin cell on top of the skin so that the later skin product will absorb better into the skin.

he use Exfoliating Massage Gel which contain self-heating ingredient which will soften the black/white heads and at the same time the gentle CIRCULAR massage WITHOUT water on the face removes the dead skin cell effectively. Advisable massage about 5 mins for whole face and emphasize the area where you want to target on. Then wash off the mask with normal temp water.

Step 2: Cleanse off dull skin with ALOT of foam!!

Taking time to lather up the cleanser White Liquid Wash (dry to normal skin)until fine foam is form clean better then just slapping the cleanser on. During the cleanse he did the CIRCULAR motion again and also emphasize the targeted area. First with warm water then cool water.

Step 3: Toner/Lotion (japan term is call lotion) is the way to prep the skin for better absroption

Using Cotton pad fill with either Refining Lotion I (for people have very sensitive skin) or Refining Lotion II (Normal skin); Refining lotion contain a very special ingredient that until now i am still a little confuse that inject oxygen to the face to stimulate regeneration of new skin cell. Applying toner onto the cotton pad, FIRST spread onto the skin SECOND pat it on. From in to outwards motion (following facial muscle)and from bottom to the top like face lifting(going against gravity as he said in on of the episode we wanna go against the gravity as much as we can!).

Step 4: Its time to pamper your skin with INFINITY KOSE Realizing White XX

Which contain the unique ingredient Kojic Acid serum (Whitening effect) and edelweiss flower extract (moisturise effect). It says to lighten dark spot by 50%. Take the serum spread it on the face with your finger then using dabbing motion to slowly let the product absorb in. For better effect, use a cotton pad soak it with the toner and the serum and apply like a mask for 5 mins. Result is immediate effect :) any residue left is slowly massage in like face lifting.

Step 5: Lock in the moisture

He recommend for mature skin to use Cream Excellent and for working ladies to use Revalitizing Cream. He use ALOT of it reason because he want to show us how the 8 point massage can change you look totally he need a emlusion agent to aid the massage. On our face, there are 4 main points (multiply by 2 side= 8 ) that he emphasize on. However you can use the amount that you are comfortable with.

  • Eyebrow
  • Corner of the Eye
  • Smile lines
  • Corner of the mouth


Another tips he gave was: Toner/ Lotion + Emulsion to remove makeup on lazy day which i did yesterday night! so easy! i love it! haha!

there is another method of lifting which is hard to explain let me think of how i shall do before i post otherwise


OMG the post is damn long.. because i am a fan! LOL! tend to be over typing it haha!

image is taken from sophia :)

Jerlaine, Me, "OLD cow", Sophia, Amy, Kas

You can read more detail about the talk more from Sophia and Kas which i believe is more detail and summarise then mine :p haha!

thanks sophia for the ticket!! great hanging out with u ladies! ^^ more to come!!


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  1. Yet another detailed post about the talkshow! Thank you!! I've learned so much just by reading everyone's blog posts. :)

  2. thx babe! :) i was so afraid i miss out any point..


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