My Wet n Wild Haul~

Thursday, January 27, 2011

To be truth.. i have been hauling way much that i lost track what i bought n totally didnt post it..

i gonna slowly dig and post brand by brand.

i shall let the picture speak itself!


this palette is so worth to get.. do not compare to 88 neutral palette or the 120 color palette. believe me because when u are in the hurry or going for a trip this trio or palette is a way to go. plus is very sturdy in terms of the drugstore brand. i even have problem opening the neutral trio. haha!

there is nothing much to speak about them actually.. all i can say was when i swatch its amazing! u got to try them to know what i am saying..

All the item is purchase thru spree that michelle organise, now she have open another one.. which is closing on the 7th of feb. so lovely to close it after ang bao $$ collection hehe ^^. thanks michelle!

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  1. just got my palette from Michelle today too, sooo pretty! ahhh, now you're tempting me with the trios.

  2. I want more! Want more!

  3. @kim hehe! get those is really good. go youtube search review i immediately choose eggshell cuz the color like ploof i think.. gonna bring to junry n swatch haha!

    she done review on youtube.. and swatches too!

    @michelle u want more.. i want too!! some of the newer trio nt available lea.. "silent treatment" is on my list mich!!

  4. i want 'i got good jeans'! omg, so prettyyyy. but npb doesn't stock the new trios leh :(

  5. wow! lots of neutrals here! I was searching for Walking on Eggshells while in the states but couldn't find it. U lucky girl!

  6. I like both trio palettes!

  7. @rainyydays i knw.. so sad they dun have.. was googling since ytd to find other online webby to sell WmW palette but dun have lea.. sad ttm!

    @hazel really? i must be very lucky! haha btw i receive the MAC powder already! thx babe! ^^

    @ladeekim u got buy?? have to own at least one.. there is green one too! hehe just in case u r interested! :p

  8. I didn't buy any, I think I have enough e/s for now LOL. My last lemming was the Naked Palette, and now that I've got that, I think I'm quite satisfied hahaha


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