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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Hey babes, so this is the part 2 of the Bio-essence BB cream featuring the Bio-Platinum BB Cream Plus Multi Effects SPF 25 PA/ ++ (Best for Whitening)

If you have not seen Part 1 yet >> click here it has most of the swatches etc.

yes this post is all about whitening :) Nowsaday people are so into whitening including my dad whom use his special skincare every night to have his skin

fairer then mine. so true!! even my friends whom seen my dad before was shock!

in case you are lazy to click on the link! haha.

No makeup or anything on!

Left side of the picture has the bio platinum bb cream, right side nothing

full makeup on including setting powder

After almost 12 hours outside

majority is still on but the coverage under my eye and nose area already fade

how i apply :)

What it claims:

Bio-essence’s Bio Platinum BB Cream SPF25/PA++ reawakens beautiful skin, creating a flawless makeup and youthful skin that exudes natural beauty and charm from the inside out.

Platinum is cherished and represents purity and eternity; It is the rarest and most stable form of precious metal. It possesses excellent compatibility with the human body and its powerful anti-oxidant properties are also superior.

10 benefits in 1 (i will put which one works for me highlighted)

  • To Revitalize the skin with Plantinum
  • To create a natural, nude makeup with a luminous glow
  • Conceal
  • Makeup base
  • Sun block
  • Skin Repair
  • Oil Control
  • Hydration & Nourishment
  • With Anti-oxidants to reduce wrinkles & lines
  • Whitens skin



  1. Does not cake up with setting powder
  2. Decent coverage - not as good as the bio multi-effect but workable :)
  3. Reduce appearance of pores and fines line
  4. My skin tone is even out
  5. It does not cause breakout yet
  6. More liquidity than the bio multi-effect which makes it easier to work with
  7. Did not oxidise on me :D



  1. Does not look very natural on me even its is 85% close to my neck shade and my dad though i pile on alot of makeup
  2. Does not feel very stick and have no residual (no picture because its has nothing on it.)
  3. Oil control is fairly ok - reason is because today weather is not hot quite cooling actually but i can feel it melting abit around my nose and under eye when i go to coffee shop for break etc.
  4. Lasting wise is ok for me if i set it with a powder otherwise same with bio multi effect estimate 5 hrs max.


Overall: 4/5 stars

i am liking the "whitening" effect it claims for this model of BB cream as you know the above story and i like the effect that my skin tone is even out, so far it matches my neck shade near 85%, the rest of the 15% is mostly about the looking fake and cakey when it actually not cakey at all! haha i like that the dispensing part is smaller compare to the bio multi-effect which i can control the amount i needed. But i would not use it for photo taking event because its reflects quite abit when i try to take it with flash. so far i have not use it regularly to see its effect but i am looking forward to fairer and even skin tone. YEAH!!






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thanks for reading :)

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