what did i got myself into this time?? Shiseido Haul..

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

i have no idea what did i got myself into this time..

shiseido sale all i have in my mind was ZA, MM and nothing else.. not even the shiseido skincare.. but vion and michelle got me to check it out.. oh and i saw charlene? (please correct me if i am wrong!! :p ) natasha and verlyn..

the damages in total is $168.00.. yes what a nice number.. ^^

i was going into whitening stuff when i realise that my dad skin is getter fairer each day.. because of his "secret" cream he put every night i am not going to lose to him..

i took the whole range including the emulsion, softener, gel, etc etc. but in the end i got this both the moisturiser which has SPF, whitening and hydrates at the same time.. which cost me $35 and the serum is $60!! i heard amazing reviews for it.. and its a great present for mummy because of her old ppl spot is coming out.. mum is getting "depress"..

i wanted to get a tinted moisturiser for quite a while.. bt nver nver got a chance to buy.. this cost me $5

Gold eyeliner with lash bone.. $5 and $8 respectively

AWESOME QUAD.. the texture is amazing and the price also. $8 each..

last but not least.. the small eye color and cream. both $8 each... i am not sure about it so i guess will be selling away.

there are other stuff which jennifer and lin got "chop" before i even post. so follow my on twitter @MissJology


THE NEXT HAUL is online..

No prizes for guessing on the michelle post previously

yah.. i cave in and share the stuff with michelle. i like the bag design alot.. bt i dun want to pay the full price for it..



and yes stuff from F21!! i love wings.. animal.. freedom "symbol" stuff..

NOW i am officially MAKEUP BAN!! because i will be a busy bumble bee!!

Sales Buddies is always fun because they give u opinion on what they think!! AWESOME!!

sorry for the choppy post.. didnt have any kick to post stuff due to work.haish.. have a wonderful weekend everyone!!

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  1. I wanted the Lash Bone but there wasnt anymore when I went to see... and the cream shadows look nice! love cream shadows.. maybe wanna go again at 9am tomorrow and see what i can get :)

    Nice to bump into u just now :)

  2. There is kose sale u know???
    Just kidding, im on a partial makeup ban too! No more lipsticks and nail polishes!

  3. I hope there are nice stuff for me when I go there today haha, I wanna check out the Maquillage singles!

  4. I like both horse and wings necklaces

  5. @natasha - nice bumming into u too!! hehe!

    @michelle - stop all the sales info.. haha :p

    @kim - haha there is alot of the singles..

    @everbluec - hehe Hi^5!! somewhat attractive lea.. hehe


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