Sponsered: Eucerin DermoPURIFYER Skincare Range Review

Sunday, November 28, 2010

The sample store have ask me to review Eucerin DermoPURIFYER Skincare Range, i was kinda excited when i see people tweeting about the product that the scrub is good and my current one was running out so it just came on the right time.

Now stop the talking do the reviewing.. :)

The Scrub

  • Scent : its a nice scent, i do not how to discribe it but there is parfume content in it. it somehows act as a "psycological" thinking that you are in a spa treatment. i like it for that

  • How it looks like? : small scub like salt size with green beads.
  • What it does?: "Unclog pores, refine skin texture while reducing blackheads and blemishes." i can see the white head is reducing however i am not sure about the refining part of the skin texture.
  • Price : $18.60
  • Overall: i think its a ok scrub, i does not dries out my skin nor really feel "stretch" when i pat dry my face. BUT, when i put on my skin care. its sting for like 15-20 second. i tried other scrub using the same GENTLE pressure and not long then 10 sec on each part of my face, and put on my skin care it DOES NOT sting at all. so, for sensitive skin i would not really recommend because you would probably enjoy the scent but not loving the process later on.



The Cleanser

  • Scent: No scent at all! But it reminds me of Hada Labo cleanser..
  • How it looks like? : Just like a clear gel. [UPDATE IMAGE LATER - IMAGE GOT CORRUPTED]
  • What it does?: "Effectively, yet gently eliminates excess sebum while removing dirt and make-up... its leaves the skin feeling clean, fresh and supple." it DOES gently eliminates sebum BUT not the dirt and make-up, i think other cheaper cleaser DOES a better job then it. With the Cleanser, i need to get a towel to aid the effect of removing the dirt and make-up. In addition, after the wash i can felt that my skin have a layer film that makes it super soft which i am still getting use to "liking" it. i like that the cleanser contain the ingredient "Salicylic Acid" that really aids in washing + caring for the skin at the same time for days when "bad" face day.
  • Price; $21.20
  • Overall: it gentle enough for those whom have very sensitive or acene prone skin, its soap and fragrance free. Really recommend to get this! BUT for those who are lazy wants to get everything (including makeup residue) its a NO for me, Maybe the "removing make-up"  is abit misleading.


The Gel

  • Scent: Similar faint scent like the scrub but you will not notice it unles you put alot and smell directly to your face
  • How it looks like?: pale white gel ( it looks more like a cream then a gel until you touch it) [UPDATE IMAGE LATER - IMAGE GOT CORRUPTED]
  • What it does? Its claim " Reduce blemishes in 3 weeks, moisturises effectively" i like the part where they really moisturises effectively.. i was skeptical at first; i mean when product that reduce blemishes = dry flaky spots.. plus it 50ml which i like about it.. ^^
  • Price: $25.70
  • Overall: i like what it does, it really reduce the blemishes (i use it for 5 days straight it has reduce abit but i cannot wait for that blemish to disappear so i use a stronger one then the eucerin one after that) however 3 weeks to see result is very long! But you got to give credits to being able to moisturise the surrounding area within the problem area. this is by far a product that DOES NOT dries out the acne or blemish spot! good one.


Conclusion: I am in between good and bad for this range, and hence giving my own opinion as much as i could. The srub now i try to use it once a week? for serious deep cleansing.. while for cleanser i do not think i like to continue with it because i have to get a towel to aid in cleaning it well and i confirm DO NOT like the film texture/feeling when i wash off my face. As for the gel, maybe for some bumps that is not so serious but you know its there unless you zoom in really close or just use it after a day with the strong blemish gel. BUT THIS WHOLE SKIN CARE RANGE IS SOOO BAD AT OIL CONTROLING!! i put on my fav moisturiser the usual routine etc. it just keep poking out oil!! i am an oil bursting person at 4pm exactly! everyday! nver fail! but within just 1 hour my face is so oily that i just have to wash it again..:(

have to give 3.5/5

thanks for reading :)


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