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Saturday, November 06, 2010

hi everyone

i have used up my hazeline snow for quite some time ago.. but before i purchase a new bottle of it i remember having one in my "haul drawer", so i dig it up and tadah!!

i got it during the loreal sales around last year?

its the maybelline hydraboost super charged rescue essence (with imperata seed-essence)

i totally forgot to take how does the product looks like

but basically is like a clear gel type texture that looks like those hair gel sold in watson but more watery.

when i first open it, the first think that came into my mind was.. "wahh so little??!! no wonder $10 lah"

but you only really need like 10cents amount for the whole face!!


  • watery texture that does not cause "friction" onto the skin during application
  • absorb fast
  • super moisturing without feeling oily
  • light weight so it can be use during the day or night
  • locks in moisture for up to 6hours IMO



  • In a tub! i have to dig my finger in it.. :(
  • got this floral aqua scent to it
  • i cant see how much product is left
  • bulky and i cant bring it out to overseas unless i pop into a jar or pump?


overall : 3.5/5


  • its still expensive compare to my hazeline snow if i purchase over at watson
  • i cannot control the amount of product i want to use


i would re-purchase it if the price isnt so steep.. so it is best that during sales you go and grab this product! otherwise just stick to good old oil- free moisturiser -- hazeline snow.. (P.S: my brother is now his 2nd bottle of hazeline snow now!! haha) i dont intend to buy any hazeline snow yet because i have another TUB (again!) of oil-free moisturiser from khiels. ITS HUGE!! and yet to open it..


hope you enjoy my post! i see you ladies soon!! :D

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  1. You should try Neutrogena's gel one. Haha. I <3 that one! :D

  2. @rusty - seriously!! u are always the first to pop up!! hahaha! neutrogena one ar? ok i go take a look :)

  3. I like this one also ^^ I also like the Neutrogena one that Minru like ! I tend to use alot, for "leave-in" overnight hydrating treatment and I finished using it very fast, less than a month ?

  4. I think gel moisturizers are the best! :) maybe you can try neutrogena one like everybody suggested. Too bad I can't use it as there us fragrance, dang.

  5. Verlyn is right about using it very fast. I used my Neutrogena less than 1 month and it's gone. Very bad for the pocket. So I want to see what other moisturizers that are good. Will definately get this during the sale. HEHE!

  6. I love gel mois too, I am using Skinfood's lettuce cucumber water jelly cream & loving it.

  7. @verlyn @rusty - wahhh!! less then a month??!! haha i will check it out in malaysia!! haha see got any cheaper :p

    @michelle - i realise that the fragrance part is really getting into my nerves..

    @farah- yes! and i think i getting hook into it also! skinfood issit? writing it down on my to do list when i am around town haha :)

  8. skinfood yes. v nice texture & scent. :)


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