EOS lipblam review!

Monday, November 08, 2010

hi ladies,

when you have read this post, i will be in malaysia. This is a pre-post post that i made before my trip. i will be back on wed's night :)

i receive the EOS lipblam froma good friend- junry (@babyxsunshine) she have extra for me to try out :)

the first time i saw this during michelle phan video. the first thing came into my mind was "what the EGG is that?"

it does looks like a pingpong ball size and the flavour i got was honeysuckle? or honeydew? cant sense what flavour was it but i know its my favourite smell by far. its not over over powering and compare with other lipblam i tried and much guess why the hype about getting it?



  • very moisturising! not like over lip balm that "melts" once it touches the lips and gone after you talk or drink
  • does not leave like a wet finish which in the end the lipstick or gloss could not be applied!
  • the smell is amazing sweet.. and it lasted quite long unless i eat and mess it up
  • it is a very good "lip primer" IMO before lipstick or gloss (my lips can never be so sexy!! :P)
  • affordable
  • comes in alot of flavour for picky "licker" :D
  • i works for me, but may not work for you; similar to skincare or makeup. like pinkycharm in youtube does not really like this lipbalm.



  • its round (i know its the statement about it) and bulky it cant fit into my makeup bag..
  • the rubber like packaging which stain abit and in the future who know its might become like NARS packaging problem



  • because michelle phan is using it!!! U GOT TO GET IT!!! haha (well, that is part of the hype issit??)
  • CUTE packaging issss to die for.... (to me its a NAH.. i prefer user friendly packaging)
  • i like the scent/taste alot!!! (true for me, i like it too! but not to the extend where i will go lick it or re-apply every 1 hour)


OVERALL: 3.5/5


i think its okay, only if they could improve the packaging. yes, i would re-purchase provided if i can finish it up and if they have discount. :) who knows if the packaging have been improve i will get all? haha too early to say that..


Did any youtube guru's product that they use is getting the hype-up on you?

thanks for reading :)

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  1. LOL at the ping pong ball description! It really looks like one! Hahahah! I think the way it's applied is rather cool, big surface area, it goes on faster

  2. I wanted to get it not because Michelle Phan got it. I saw a lot of YouTube gurus loving it too! I think I only saw 1 who didn't like it. :)

  3. I have been tinking of getting this but I don't like how bulky it is.. But eventually i know i will buy it just to try it out for fun... Hee:)

  4. Michelle (icefrost) was selling it the other day! I was tempted but ugh. Save, save, save for Christmas! (Anything that has the word 'honey' tempts me!!!) Anyway, hope you have lots fun in Malaysia!!! (:

  5. They actually do they the stick version. Rusty almost ordered it! Maybe not in all flavours yett.

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  7. @kim - now that u have mention it.. it does applied more quicker haha!

    @rusty - really?? haha okie.. who dun like?? tell me.. haha when u getting your?? lip balm addict must have u knw? haha

  8. @lin - now u got 20% ^^ go try!! haha i now want to get all flavor but in stick form.. easier to keep and bring along..

    @charlene - babe! u need to go smell and try then u know the different world of "honey"

  9. @fatin - i just saw their webby.. they got vanilla one sia.. tempt to get it and try.. maybe wait till all flavor are available then choose? hehe.. one in each bag scenario came into my mind.. lolxx

  10. HOw!!!! I want to try laaa... hahahaha

  11. Where can we get this from?


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