Clatty nail polish purchase and a dupe for.....

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Last thursday, i visit my friend at ang mo kio and remembered the nail polish mention on twitter.

Its the clatty nail polishes. They were having buy 2 get 2 free. each bottle is $3.90.


this is just one coat. its quite sheer for the neutral shade, but i loving the green and the gold shade(pinky finger)

then i realise i have something similar for the black polish!

its by eyeko - cosmic polish for space..

they are sooo similar that i was kinda go - bleah!!!! but but.. you can see that clatty polish have more glitter bring applied then the cosmic polish..

they even have the same flex of glitter.. haha surprise or not?


haha hope you enjoy this little haul post.

by the time you read this post i already in bed sleeping!! because being a driver for 2 days and driving straight non-stop is seriously tiring haha!!


see you all soon :)

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  1. So u did find the shop! I also have 2 bottles myself, I've only swatched 1 and the other is still unused, lol. And I bought it so long ago! Tsk tsk

  2. @kim - haha!! there is always room for an "extra" nail polishes right.. :D


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