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Saturday, October 02, 2010

This sponsored review is from thesamplestore.sg for the essential hair essence bloggers challenge. i was really happy to got picked and cant wait to try the product out. because i seen great reviews from friends.

anyway, do you know how important is to maintain the last 15 cm of your hair? everygirl wants beautiful, soft and manageable hair.

most of the girls experience split ends which are the last 5cm of the hair and they split into half. i can declare that i do not have split end but i want to prevent from happening it..

Qns: What causes split ends?

When you hair is super dry from all the harsh heating tools and chemicals, including dying of hair, straightening or perming hairs will eventually in the long run causes split ends if left uncured..

Qns: Are you sure that it is so serious?

hello people, do you know split ends that can happen to anyone? short, mid or long hair. when left untreated, do you want your hair looking like a BROOM??

Qns: But i love styling my hair, is there anyway to not causing it to happen?

yes! you can prevent it by making necessary decision whether if your hair have rest enough from the previous "damage". HOWEVER there is no cure or solution for causing split ends to happen, the only thing you can do is to PREVENT from happening!

let me introduce you to


I have received a total of 10 products. the same as the picture above.

there are too many to review but i would like to emphasize on their smell is freaking amazing and i realise that my hair is way awesome then before. in the future post will do indept review for each of them.

however there is this particular product that i would really recommend to each and everyone of you babes out there!

my hair is oily and limp. practically NO LIFE at all. but before i use their essential shampoo and all. the essence itself already works for me

anyway that is how it goes.. alittle amusing story of my Hair fairy.. haha

  • Anti Frizz
  • With High Purity Honey Oil and Ultra Shine Essence
  • Wild Rose Essence

This lightweight and non-­greasy oil-­based treatment helps to tame away frizz so hair becomes instantly smooth and bouncy all day.

Serum can be use alone or pre-styling would recommend people who are lazy (me) or does alot of styling of hair to prep the hair

can use either dry or wet hair

    • Nourishing care
    • With High Purity Honey Oil and Ultra Shine Essence
    • Sunflower Oil Essence

    This lotion is leave on lotion is very easy to use and concentrated lotion gets adsorbed easily, leaving hair soft and manageable all day.

    Very good for hairs that get tangle easily. this i would recommend to people with wavy and curly hair.

    can use either dry or wet hair

      you can see nuance is more on the "oil" base while rich premier is more like "cream" lotion base

      Here is a video on how i do my hair :)

      reason why i choose the pink one because usually during mid-day i can see or sense my hair frizz around plus i like my hair to be light and soft. in addition, i was using the pink shampoo. so i do not want to have mix clash or effect even though its say to be safe to play around. but always be cautious..

      i freaking love this product and can see myself using it everyday. because it can be use daily, not oily at all. it absorb really fast. which is beyond my expectation..

      can see that shine on my hair. THIS is NO photoshop one okay??!! haha

      i cant stop smelling my lovely hair!!

      Do note that the last 15 cm of your hair is the most drying and practically have the least nutrient from the roots.

      this makes me realise that just the regulary trimming of hair does not really helps give hair life or managable. it needs the helps of technology!

      essence that contain high purity honey oil and ultra shine essence makes it sound high fashion. furthurmore, its from japan!! no one should complaint about it haha.. except their mascara is well know hard to remove! :D

      If sunscreen is your best friend, foundation is your lover then Essential hair essence is the BFF (Best friend forever) for your hair!

      Here is the price list for all the product:

      1.     Essential Rich Premium Shampoo- $4.50 for 200ml
      2.     Essential Rich Premium Conditioner- $9.50 for 500ml
      3.     Essential Rich Premium Treatment- $6.50 for 180g
      4.     Essential Hair Mask Rich Premium- $ TBC
      5.     Essential Nuance Airy Shampoo- $4.50 for 200ml
      6.     Essential Nuance Airy Conditioner- $9.50 for 500ml
      7.     Essential Nuance Airy Treatment- $6.50 for 180g
      8.     Essential Hair Mask Nuance Airy- $ TBC
      9.     Essential Hair Essence Rich Premium- $10.90 for 60ml
      10.  Essential Nuance Airy Hair Essence - $10.90 for 60ml


      Disclaimer: This post is my honest review and was sent by thesamplestore.sg for taking part in the contest. Thank you samplestore.sg for the opportunity :D

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