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Saturday, October 23, 2010

I was being sponsered by thesamplestore for reviewing the Biroe Cleanser Review

i am the type of person that puts on at least foundation, eye brow and eyeliner before i leave the house.. so regardless heavy makeup or light makeup removing them when i am back home whether i am tired or not i have to get it clean!

so i have selected 2 product that i think is really nice and was impress by it :)

1. Biore Hydra-Clear Makeup Remover

2. Biore Makeup Remover For Eye & Lip

so the test was to remove the common looks that everyone has

haha i was playful on that day and i want to save time doing the full face. so i thought why not just go along with the Biore reviews

Face: maybelline primer, revlon colorstay foundation, elf complexion powder

Eye smokey: i forgot the eyeshadow, liner is loreal, mascara is waterproof one by the bodyshop

Eye Neutral: stage eyeshadow, stage pencil eyeliner, mascara from bodyshop

Lips liptar in momento

nude lipgloss from stage in diana


i use the pink bottle to remove my eye and lips makeup

i use the blue bottle for removing my foundation

you can see the after is a clean face :p

Product: Biore Makeup Remover For Eye & Lip

  • Remove waterprooft eye and lip makeup
  • Two-layer micro-active cleansing formula with moisturising ingredients
  • Gentle yet effective, removes more eye makeup with less wiping, exerting less stress on your skin lashes



  • Shake well
  • Lay soaked cotton pad on closed eyelids or lips
    • Gently wipe makeup away
    • If product gets into your eyes, rinse thoroughly with water
    • Suitable for daily use


Pack Size: 130ml
Retail Price: S$14.90




Product: Biore Hydra-Clear Makeup Remover

  • water-based formula removes makeup effortlessly without leaving a greasy and tight after-feel on your skin.
  • Specially formulated with highly effective cleansing ingredients
  • dissolves and lifts away tough, waterproof makeup, even around the delicate eye area easily
  • The watery texture also allows it to be evenly spread on the face with minimal effort.



    • Gently massage the liquid over your face and the makeup will disperse and dissolve at once into micro-size particles
      • Rinsed off with water effortlessly without clogging your pores
      • If product gets into your eyes, rinse thoroughly with water
      • Suitable for daily use



    Pack Size: 200ml
    Retail Price: S$22.90





    i really love both of them. they both does well in removing makeup well quick! It had change my point of view for biore..

    Biore Makeup Remover For Eye & Lip (the pink bottle) i am sooo amazed by the minimal requirement to remove the makeup! especially when i have my HG eyeliner on! the previous makeup remover that i use is imcomparable to it! As a drugstore makeup remover! this i have to give 4.5/5 stars! Plus it contains hyaluronic acid which is my favourite word that i would normally find in skin care product nowsdays! oh! now ever makeup remover!! super impress!

    Biore Hydra-Clear Makeup Remover (the blue bottle) i am a fan of oil base makeup remover ever since i chance upon the XXX drugstore brand but its too expensive in my point of view. BUT Biore Hydra-Clear Makeup Remover surprises me.. how can a hydra a.k.a water is effective in removing makeup? the texture is somewhat between oil and water? its light as water but removes makeup as effective as the oil based! you have to get one to know what i mean! the best part is that when i use this to remove my foundation (in the video demo) OMG! my face felt very soft!! its even better then the XXX brand that i wanted to buy.. now i have found another HG for removing my makeup. i give this 5/5 stars! because i can use this to remove the whole makeup including eye, lips, faces and mascara. i can stress this enough how much i love both of them!

    You got to try it to really believe how drugstores products can change a person mind!

    Hope u enjoy! ^^ have a nice day :D


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