MAC A Tartan Tale Collection Holiday

Saturday, September 04, 2010


i know i should not click on this link!!! because its so evil!!

because currently i am a sucker got this pattern/ design/ packaging.. but the colors have not attracted me yet.. expect the brushes

but we shall see about that.. at least the brush packaing is something that is worth having? haha

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  1. :drool:

    I love tartans and plaids! But kinda hesistant to buy them...cause what if they are on sale for the mac private sale ??


  2. I'm interested in the Eyeshadow palette and the lipglasses...
    =(( I'm gonna be broke..

  3. @michelle i know what u mean!! ahhhh i guess its best to wait for the private sale haha

    @kate yeo i can just imagine my $$ flying away.. T.T

  4. :O i like the red tartan.

    oh noooooo. and i thought i was immune to all mac collections already cos none of the new things seem to interest me. :(

    ahh but Michelle's right, this would most prob be on sale at the private sale right? so i should just wait for next year? hehehe *evil smile*

  5. pretend I didn't see this... a;lalalalala

  6. oh my gosh. i am gonna be so broke coming christmas season.... so many lovely things to buy! i am not a big m.a.c fan. but the limited edition ones like previous liberty and this.... gosh... i just have to own something from this collection.

    I hv not been to a m.a.c private sales before. so dunno how it is like.

  7. Wah... Nice arh! I like! But if this is going to be available at the M.A.C Private Sale, i'm going to die. :faint:

  8. Same thoughts, babes!
    I'm gonna wait for the sale. If have, it's AWESOME treat. If dont have, nehmind lorr.

  9. [Fatin] Ya lor ya lor. :p

  10. @kim i guess we shld just wait for the next sales haha!!

    @lolrabbit see no evil! hear no evil!

    @vion haha! we keep ya updated for the mac sales okay :D

  11. @mya and fatin lets keep our finger cross.. oh and toes cross also!! haha

  12. I can't cross my toes. TOO FAT. Hahahaha!!!! :p

  13. Loving the preppy look!


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