Collective SMH haul!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

hi everyone. been sooo long!! phew!

looks like onsugar is fine for now.. and hopefully no problem this time round anyway a SMH collective haul

Reason why it is call collective because i previously hop onto dyan spree and got myself 2 eyeshadow and god thank her. those eyeshadow is super awesome.

having the itch or order more i open up a spree with the help of michelle, dyan and hydaia :D

anyway as i shall let the picture do the talking... (save the post first.. just in case )

[click on picture of full size kapow!!]

i love how they name them! and i am so tempt to get all of them slowly!! haha..

the texture is super amazing and thank god they are magnetic!!


who want more SMH spree? will open in either Oct or Nov..

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  1. it will be great if you open them in nov.... Hehehe... Coz I want tonnes of them... Better save up money now... :) n great choice of es you got there...

  2. @linnera haha thanks babe!! ok better get your list ready... haha i might also wan to get more.. save on $$ now!!

    @jasmine i help u close your mouth :D haha open in nov ok for u?

  3. Eeekks! Cant wait to receive mine on sat! (:

  4. i want some smh!!!

  5. The colours are beauuuuutiful! Looks like my bank's gonna break in Nov... man....

  6. @michelle have u play them yet?? i going to open for the DC shade.. haha

    @farrahdiba get ur list ready for the next spree :D

    @carina haha!! probably in mid oct?? so can close and get the DC shade asap!

  7. OMG the yellow is so pretty!!~ =D~ *drools*

  8. It's Oct! Counting down... : )

  9. @mitwitch: i agree! the pigmentation is super awesome! only one swipe!

    @carina haha i know what u mean :) i cant wait to order them asap..

  10. I'm waiting for spree too now! Thanks for the pretty swatches that got me lemming! XD

  11. @mitwitch haha will open one soon.. do keep a look out :D


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