Sugarpill Spree

Monday, August 23, 2010

hey guys, i am opening a sugarpill spree at my spree site.

do check it out because the pigmentation is simplity wow, currently eyeing on the yellow and the purple one!

and maybe the 1 or 2 pigments haha

will close spree when there is USD75 to get the free shipping :)

do check it out at

happy shopping XD

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  1. lol.. where got sia?? i ready to open one SMH for u around november.. hehe

  2. yes evil evil evil, heheh

  3. no omg evilevilevilevilevil

  4. @tiarabangs it pays to be evil u knw hahaha

    @phoenixfyre haha go ahead.. cuz i just close SMH recently.. those wanna join ur can go ahead hehe.. just letting jasmine knw only *wink ^^

    @jasmine see no evil okay dear!! haha

  5. ok! so anyone who wants to join SMH Spree can pop over to my blog and click on the link on my header to join the spree :D

  6. hahahahaha h8u4evaaaaa joanna!


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