Revlon Photoready- Yea or neh??

Friday, August 06, 2010

hello everyone,

i got this MUFE HD dupe foundation at the T3 airport around last month but didnt got the chance to play with it until i am tired of my revlon colorstay haha..

we love to rotate our love dont we?

i know that this product is being launch not long ago at watson and everyone got the chance to test out the product before purchase.

i did tried the product at the T3 dutyfree and i did notice the glitter or shimmer it has in it. but those shimmer that i saw was not very obvious and with the hype about it i just took it the lightest shade and make payment haha

ok, let begin.

the color i got was in 003 - shell. this color shade is not avaliable in watson but only in airport.

i am NC 15-20 i think its a bit light but it matches my neck color, so no complaint about it (maybe i shld invest whitening product to brighten my face)

this is just one pump. alot i know but my face is that BIG! haha

now the important thing.. SHIMMER? GLITTERS? DISCOBALL??

those arrow which you see is the *sparkles* haha my camera is bad at picking it up but i use zoom in to see. LOLX

this is my bare face..there is some scar left from that dumb dumb breakout that i got in china. mad angry..!! T.T but i trying out new product that is so late for review.. please bare with me

haiz ugly dark eye circle!!! shoo!!

okie.. so left is the foundation :) , right is NOTHING :(

so how did i apply??

FOUNDATION BRUSH: i use the essence of beauty foundation brush it work quite well but the streaky marks and the foundation tends to dry up abit quickly but not as quick as the colorstay. so i have to work like fast. Me do not like because i have to use a wet sponge to smooth it or use tapping motion to blend it. 1.5 pumps to cover the whole face

SPONGE: i hate and love the most.. i hate it because my product is gone into that sucking sponge!! but love because the eveness is GOOD! 2 pumps to cover my face and that darn sponge!!

FINGER: finger is your best friend! trust me! i swear by it!! i try it with all foundation.. finger is your best tool ^^ because it can go to every bits and corner of ur face.. wah.. no need for me to further elaborate.. just the "!!!" you will know how much i like using finger :D. messy part would be that your finger will have foundation on and need to clean it lar.. haha 1 pump is required to cover the face..

let me show you how i do it~

just pat pat pat.. haha like playing stamp! chop chop chop.. piak piak piak!

then blend until even.

now for the test.. does the *sparkles* still exist??

in the picture again~ cant really see. but in real life.. trust me.. its not the dance floor *sparkles*

but what i realise that,

  1. my finger have the most *sparkles*.. i forgot to take :(
  2. i did not use concealer at all! haha. thou the dark circle is still visible but at least the natural look is still there...
  3. You do not need to set any powder etc but i did set it with abit of loose powder..


enough with it.. i did a LOTD with my neutral again..

  • white frost over the lid
  • style snob at the corner (lightly)
  • vanilla for highlight., (sorry to crop it out) but its there
  • dolly wink eyeliner
  • NO mascara..



overall: i like it! At the end of the day, my foundation is still on and looks fresh, wore it around est. 6 hrs and it does not transfer to my clothes or my mum clothes when i pick her up at the airport.

Rating 4.5/5

because my shade is available at T3. but i can work it with 004 nude..

if you have any enquiry please let me know.. thanks

look out for next tip :D

how to prevent "Boo Boo" nails??

Have a nice day peeps!

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  1. wow! it does make a difference for yr under eye circles ya.. amazing! ur complexion looks flawless! ;) i shall go check this out soon..

  2. Does it last long? :)

  3. It does make you look fresher and good! Great stuff and I don't mind the glitter if it works great. :d

  4. @Amy go check it out girl! :)

    @michelle i wore it out for 6 hrs and when i check its still on. but however i was in the aircon all the while except waiting for bus..

    @Faezah thx girl.. you can try out at watson to see if u like it or not.. hehe

  5. I love it! Haha. Thanks for the sample you have me. I love I and I wanna get it now! Haha. But it's a little too light I think. Haha. Gonna the 004! Haha.

  6. I see. I suppose I'm 003 too? :) ah but 003 is not in stores!

  7. @rusty: haha no problem dear.. :)

    @michelle: yeap 003 is nt in local stores.. :( but i think we can get away with 004?? need to try it out later at watson hehe

  8. i swatched it today at watsons it does look a slight bit glittery on my hands, but after countless times of blending and rubbing with my fingers, the glitters dont seem so obvious anymore

    i might just get the foundation =)

  9. @fatin should get it!! :p

  10. ooh the foundation looks not bad. but i'm not sure if it'll work on my oily skin. do you need to set the foundation? :)

  11. i got the 003 and looked alil lighter as compared to my colorstay.
    havent tried it yet though!

  12. @kim - i always set my liquid foundation with powder.. but after the liquid foundation set onto the skin. i dont feel the need to set it. but oily wise i think its alright.. haven really try it outdoors thou..

    @gwen - i am nc 15-20. you look lighter then me... should be alright.. do let us know how well you like it?? hehe

  13. I have this in 005 Natural Beige and it matches my NC35 skin quite well although the sparkles do really put me off! I love the formula and colour match, just wished Revlon left the sparkles out. I've noticed that the sparkles can be made less obvious by buffing with a kabuki brush though!


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