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Monday, August 23, 2010

last month i was given a chance to review on the Acnes 3 step kit.

i was skeptical because of the green packaging and LOOK "medicated" to me.

but i got minor break out at my cheek, forehead, and chin area. (MUST be that darn weird weather!!)

enough of the rambling let me show you what i got??

i guess that is full size?? thanks Thesamplestore which previously called Fr3b


First up is the facial wash, i think it quite normal and does nothing really to removing makeup wise but it is great for "i want to treat breakout" face that type.


(click onto the Picture for bigger image)



Great for travelling use if you can already acne prone skin type

Does not feel drying to my skin

Its does the job of cleaning my face,


Smell abit citrus due to the Vit C inside.. which i think its alright but if you do not like orange scent.. better pinch your nose when you wash your face


Second, is the sealing gel or jell..

(click onto the Picture for bigger image)

i would say!! OMG!!

i am so happy to see this picture because i was having little tiny "pop up" around that few areas..



and i love how ensure i am to receive the "freshest" product. haha


Clear upon application

Can see immediate result overnight

my go to "pop up" cream!!

Little goes a long way..


the packaging is abit to long..

can be abit too drying on those "spots" so you need to moisturise that area well..


Third, this is the powder lotion. something similar like toner but got medicated powder for acnes

see how the powder and the lotion seperates?? cool sia..

(click onto the Picture for bigger image)

(click onto the Picture for bigger image)

its the drip drop kind..

i do not really like this product because of that alchol, medicated scent.. i am not sick.. just that my face is sick only what..

i using patting motion with my cotton pads onto the affected area that need to be treated. NOT onto the whole face because its abit stinging to my liking..


good control on the amount using it

slightly mattify the face, might be due to the powder??


Medicated scent




i think i would only repurchase the sealing gel/jell. or maybe the facial wash. but confirm not the lotion because its scent turns me off.. might pass the lotion to my brother since he say he love that kind of smell because he thinks that the product is "working"? but we know its the wrong concept haha and get him the sealing gel/jell and the facial wash for him to bring in camp.. haha but he just got cons by the guardian "aunty" by getting unknown brand for whopping $120!!! that is just facial wash and the "pimple"gel. mad angry!! NVM we do learn!!




hope you all enjoy reading it :) now to apply the sealing gel before i dooze off to bed.. hehe nights

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