Recommendation for HandCream??

Monday, August 23, 2010

i realise that ever since the change of the weather for the past few months,

my hand is really dry! eventhough i got sweaty palms etc.

usually i would use the nivea intensive cream, the one which is the white tub one. Before using as handcream, i use this as my moisturiser. but i think its overly rich for my face and hence... i change it into usage of handcream and foot/crack heels cream which is BTW very good!!!

but i want to look for one that is confirm only for handcream and no need to reapply every 2 hours..


if you have anything in mind, please let me knw :D

oh and i am in the phase of moving house and wont be able to blog or twit much because my room is in the chaos!! boxes and "dust" every where.. hopefully i made a right choice of choosing the room i want. cause my current room is bright and have sufficent sunlight, whereas the new room DO NOT have sufficent sunlight but its bigger.. another new room is smaller but got sufficent sunlight.. haiz.. ok that alot of rambling here.. bah!! haha

see ya!

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  1. I think moisturizer/hand creams must be applied as much as possible lehs. Haha. So I don't know about the reapply every 2 hour thing. I always apply as much as possible whenever I could or feel I should. HAHA. So I use them pretty quickly. I'm using Crabtree and Evelyn one. Love the smell (Although some may say smell like toilet; it's Citrus!). And also Physiogel hand cream also not bad! :)

  2. wah! thanks for the advice girl! the reapply 2 hrs its to show how drying my hand is.. i feel the need to apply every 2 hours like that.. this had never happen before to me sia.. :(

    but will check out those brand u using hehe..

  3. looooooove crabtree and evelyn!!! i was using the rose therapy one, now im using summer hill. i love summer hill's scent!

  4. @jasmine is it exp?? and when can i see u post??

  5. yeah i love the crabtree and evelyn hand cream.. a little goes a long way my tube of cream has lasted me forever!!! i've got a mini tube of handcream i got in a gift set if u want it? i think it's rose scented..

  6. HAHAHA sorry!!! will post up a couple of reviews soon! these couple of days i promiseeeee (:
    i can't remember how much i bought them for in singapore ):

  7. I love the L'occitane Dry Skin Hand cream. I don't know how much it is in Singapore though!

  8. @jasmine okie!! i will see it soon!!

    @shandelsam i heard of that before.. but i think its too oily.. >.<


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