National day look - FAIL :(

Monday, August 09, 2010

hello people,

i was inspired by diana on her national day look.. so pretty..i though they why not give it a shot??

trying to be creative freak or what.. somewhat got into 2 LOOKS.. but looks kinda fail. but at least i try and along the way learn and try out new tricks..

so lets go to the RIGHT eye:

without flash

with flash

i was going for the wearable look for national day. but TOTAL FAIL :(

most of the shade is from the 120 manly palette. and the white line i use NYX milk.

so in the end, it went to some what cleopatra look

ops! haha

so lets go to the LEFT eye:

without flash

with flash - excuse me with the stray of hair ^^

after the right eye wrong direction going into cleopatra look i try to re-do the national day look but playing safe this time around..

which i think is not bad but lack of something.. the creative juice just suddenly gone *poof*

well at least there is somthing going today haha

overall eye look without flash

overall eye look with flash

so the below picture i got abit creative again

i wore style demon mineralize blush ALOT but it got tone down by the camera :( and put on lipgloss


well how you celebrate national day??

hope the post is not so boring..

got lesson at 8.30am tomorrow and i do not know what am i typing now! haha

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  1. I actually prefer the Cleopatra look!

  2. @junry haha where got.. majiam failure :(

    @fatin so Cleopatra visit national day haha..


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