Luxasia Haul - 3rd Day Guerlain Madness (pict heavy)

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Yes i did go all out on guerlain AGAIN! haha

anyway this time was going down together wit my friend shujun, hydaia, michelle (iamicefrost) and priscilla (teaplayground)

without further waiting.. let get started haha

  • Guerlain E/S - $10 ea
  • Guerlain Duo + eyeliner - $15
  • Guerlain Gloss - $10
  • Stila E/S - $3

This time there were 5 new shade and all of them were different from 1st day

all shade and swatches are full size so click on them :D

Arrangement without flash then with flash..

i will do another post review on them.. i think they deserve a post for themselves :)

so just let the picture do the talking

NICE RIGHT?? haha i have purchase extra to let those who are unable to go to the sale to enjoy the fun i have over there. the shade that i got are

  • shade 101 - sable blond * 2 1
  • shade 180 - l'instant fume * 2 1
  • shade 162 - l'instant D'un baiser * 1
  • shade 182 - l'instant Nutt *1


Email or PM me what you want :D and we maybe do a meet up or i mail it out to you

prices are the same just top up the postage for it :D it will be the first come first serve basis..

i got this lipgloss for my mum because she love pop shade.. haha

her friend got her one for her bday gift so i though why not a back up?? haha

it is pink gloss with blue multi shimmers

this is the most exciting product ever!! Vion who is happen to be there again.. let me tell you my conversation with her. OMG so funny!!

Jo: Hey vion, you are here again

Vion: hey jo!! hihi, you want this or not ar?

Jo: what is this??

Vion: ah ya nvm just take first explain later!

Jo: orh okok!!,

Vion throw 2 of it inside my plastic bag..

Jo: so what is this and how much??

Vion: its a duo eyeshadow with eyeliner! and its $15!!!

Jo: WOW!! thanks girl

Vion: there are another girl swatching and thinking over it so just take it first la!

Jo: you are the best!!

haha vion if you are reading this!! i would like to say I LOVE YOU!! HAHAHA

so one of it i pass to hydaia because she would not want to miss out on a deal!

let the picture do the talking :D all pict can be click to full size

i wasnt going to get any stila e/s because the shade isnt so great.. but priscilla have to tell me they are on $3!!! supposingly they are clearing the left over??

immediately i fall in love with this shade haha

priscilla gave up her and i gave it to my friend shujun hehe

so conicidence that shujun love Kpop singer Rain.. she say she going to use it everyday for sch look haha

Damages - $___ i dun wan to cal or knw because i knw my bank and wallet will hate me for it!!

haha it was fun hanging out with ppl that knw makeup and able to share the fun and joy together hehe

michelle got loads more of perfume again!! haha

priscilla she so kind to help jennifer to get the e/s and perfume

hydaia i am glad you able to come and join in the fun

shujun you are the friend that understand why i love to go this sales.. haha


thank you all for reading my heavy pict post! i have great fun at the sales hehe..

now its time for me to drink water and eat bread for this month ahahaha

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  1. WA! The es and liner duo looks good! Haha. The guerlain es all look similar! I don't even know which one you got for me already. Haha.

  2. @rusty haha yours would be the 3rd one haha.. i love this shade too!! :D

  3. wow! awesome haul or what! =D

  4. @Immapink haha^^ now got inuovi sale i dunno want to go or nt lea haha

  5. hahaha go! i went last week....and got some stuffs...this week another one ofcoz must go again! lol!!! bodyshop also until sat. =D

  6. @immapink.. wah i better go down today.. hohoho

  7. lol. hahahaha only u n i would understand that hilarious "moment". did i really said all those... omg. if you or i, say one more sentence then or chatted somemore with hands aint moving, the last two boxes wont be yours. cute. chat u soon okay. look forward to get to know you more.

  8. OH wow!! All the shades of the guerlain singles look amazing!


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