Luxasia Haul - 1st day and INITIAL review for some of the product

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

hi guy i am back online..

but before the haul let me tell u my "wet" story

me and my friend though it was behind taiseng MRT (those small lane) without realising it was opposite of taisend MRT.. Luckily my BB have navigation so we follow the way half way thru its like within 5 mins.. bang! rain!!

both of us got caught in the rain and we ran to the nearest Busstop which is around 100-150 m away.. i didnt realise i can run so fast in my life.. of course my makeup is almost wash off in the rain except the eye makeup haha.. we took a cab.. didnt know the warehouse address and bump into a factory which this security uncle kindly gave us an umbrella and direct us where is the place. and we took another cab down to the warehouse.. and WTH.. it stop raining..??!! weather just love to play with us!! reach there around 12??

i saw kimberly and Vion haha

OK enough the nagging..without further waiting.. i present you my haul in day 1 - Damages $124

  • Guerlain Foundation - $18
  • Guerlain E/S - $10 ea = $40
  • RMK Base - $20 ea = $40
  • YSL foundation - $18
  • Stila E/S - $8


i am surprise to see this liquid foundation its cost around $89++?? at the counter..

initial review: liquidy.. very liquidy..  and very light weight.. the coverage is around medium +/-

i am so afraid to use because if it is good? i am so going to be broke.. haha

(Click on the pict for full size)

(Click on the pict for full size)

without flash

(Click on the pict for full size)

without flash

(Click on the pict for full size)

i would like to say a story how this 4 e/s come to me.. haha this is going to be so hilarious!!

when i got there.. kimberly told me no more already i was so upset because i am eye eyeshadow FREAK!!

so when i about to pay.. me and my friend make one last round to take a look to see what we had missed saw this one little square at the table of guerlain counter.. i immediately grab and told my friend.. OMG its an eyeshadow!! haha i am so content with what i got that i am floating in cloud 9.

so as we proceed to the counter.. this trolley man with unwanted items i saw another 2 eyeshadow!!! OMG i grad immediately and pray it is different!! OH BOY!! and Vion who happen to be beside me shared my joy!! ahhh!!! haha.. she knew i was happy like mad lar!! haha

so having lady lucky beside me i was soooo happy to find another one at the table again!! my friend literally just stare blank at me and say i am MAD!! haha..

i am happy girl.. END OF STORY

Initial Review: this is the most worth it E/S i got.. i treat them like babies now.. will do in-dept review hehe

i want to get only 1 but i may selling either one.. still deciding..

i love mat and it feels nice too! its a pity base00 does not have mat T.T

Initial Review: i love the mat 01, but the shade color i scare it might alter my foundation color.. so my friend Hydaia recommend base 00.. both feel nice to the touch but mat i am so loving you at the moment.. base i think i need more time to love you..

(Click on the pict for full size)

it was the last one my friend karmen got it for me.. haha so she sweet can.. tolerate my makeup madness!!

Initial Review: i love the powder and of course the packaging! but the shade is tad darker! i really want to make it work but i told myself not worth due to the fact that the shade is darker and YSL is out of singapore.. so i gave this to karmen's friend.. i hope she love it :) haha (Now i once own a YSL stuff) haha

(Click on the pict for full size)

ok who can resist this shade??

Initial Review: this is the first stila e/s i got and its so pretty! no comment.. just stare and u will fall in love with it hahaha


i hope u guys enjoy my little haul from luxasia :)

wait for part 2 - 3rd day and i take guerlain eyeshadow like i own the store haha

** i purchase some backup of the shade that they have on 3rd day do keep a look out for part 2 okay :) i will be selling them the same price they have at the sale.. so that those who is unable to get their hand on will able to enjoy the fun i have :D

night peeps!!

excuse for the english because i not very well verse with my english and its very sing-ga-lish :)


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  1. Ah the eyeshadows are lovely, haha. Lucky lady is by your side! :)

  2. @michelle wow u are fast :) ithink for that moment.. i hope she can stay and help me pay for the bill.. sadly she left haha

  3. "i am so afraid to use because if it is good? i am so going to be broke.. haha"
    hahaah you're so cute la! heee. but true! i will be like you too! heee. and man, wad a steal!

  4. are you gonna sell the guerlain e/s ? i want =p

  5. My eyes rolls wow... i wanna try the RMK Base especially MAT 01 pls do review for both need more opinion :)

  6. Awesome haul! Haha, so lucky how you got those eyeshadows!

  7. @yanie haha.. gosh.. i learn to be extra early to go to the sale haha

    @verlyn i going to sell some that i got on the 3rd day.. posting today :) i only got the popular one.. i think u will love one of the shade No 162 champage color :)

  8. @Reyenal kakak! i knw! when i reach there everyone is pushing and trying to go over to the makeup counter.. i will do review on weekend :) promise hehe

    @shandelsam haha thank girl :) i am so happy to get those eyeshadow

  9. Ya lor sales mah.. told you before must wear proper attire lol! Thanks a lot dear..

  10. Call me along the next time! =(


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