how do u care your lip brush?

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

lip brush contacts mainly lipstick, gloss and lip tars

all of us know that we have to clean our brushes often.. but for lipbrush i find it hard to clean especially if it stain with gloss that got chunky glitter or sticky gloss that is hard to remove.

on the other hand, lipstick or lip tars that is pigmented are another cases that lipbrush stain.

i previously use lip brush for my OCC lip tars for precise application. upon removal or when i try on other color, the brush somewhat transfer the previous color to it eventhough i try to clean i off with wet tissue etc.

then i remember watching a taiwan show: queen beauty (女人我最大)

they recommend using vaseline

as vaseline can condition the lipbrush and at the same time remove those stubborn stain or glitters.

i didnt take the finish product with it beacause i guess you all would know the end result.

its simple to do.

take a small portion of the vaseline and work it into the brush. slowly you will see those nasty bits coming off.


i hope it helps and sorry for the choppy post

need to rush off to run some errands

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  1. ahhhh.. a new use for the vaseline that has been sitting on the table top unused!

  2. oh! thanks for the tip! :) i've been trying to clean my lip brush for awhile :P

  3. i didnt know that we can use vaseline to spot clean brushes. cool tip!

  4. @all - glad it help! :D hehe at least the big tub of vaseline is into good use.. haha

  5. Thanks for sharing this tip, Jolove! ;)


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