DollyWink eyeliner

Monday, August 02, 2010

i love japanese brand makeup..

they are very cute and they always comes in nice cute packaging..

but sadly i didnt always get it because it is tooo cute for my liking haha

but Dollywink eyeliner is soo tempting for me to get

this is my freaking first pink product/packaging from makeup!


just happen my loreal eyeliner run out~ and i am not tempt to get it yet because i wan to practice finish using my product before i get a new one.

yikes!! pink.. with poky dots haha

look how fine that brush is.. i am so scare and excited to use it haha

scare is because i have shaky hand and loreal eyeliner is always a play "safe" zone for me.

so how fine that line is?? and i can write my blogname with it.. hoho like chinese calligraphy brush like that

pigmentation : i would say 4.5/5 its like i only need to line it once only. ONCE! in any eyeliner that i draw on my lash line i would go over some black eyeshadow to soften the looks. so to me its alright. haha

smudging ability : 4/5 - who will rub their eye when they having makeup?? lolxx but its quite good staying power tho..

water resistant : 3/5 - its alright unless you rub it off. haha which i think is good because i hate eyeliner that the staying power is too strong that during the lazy days i want to faster get it off and go to bed.


overall : i do really like this eyeliner, just that i have to practice stabilising my hand well and i think for the price of it. if i remember correctly is $18.90? currently is not sold in singapore anymore due to some backorder at japan. its really that popular!!, however u can google some blogshop they have some in-stocks for candy doll, but they are over price which is a rip off lar.

or best, just wait until singapore bring in again.. hoho at least u buying at retail then a rip off price. tsktsk!

hope u love this entry.

its been awhile, haha trying to keep the ball rolling..

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  1. :D i love dolly wink because I love tsubasa oh lol :D

  2. jo, u finally use it~! i haven even open the packaging yet, and dollywink eyelash too.. hehe ^^

  3. @lolrabbit she is very pretty and great business women!! cant wait for the brand to be re-launch in singapore oh oh and her new launch lipgloss is sooo tempting!!

  4. debbie- please use it! confirm better then MM's eyeliner.. so smooth in application

  5. o.O! glad you like it sia. nv buy in regret! i also need to practice using finish all my makeup and skincare products. T.T

  6. debbie- they keep saying less is more right?? but i think in order to use it finish.. u have to abandon that idea.. heehee

  7. but sometimes putting more is too much liaos. i think if i stop buying ar, confirm can use finish =x

  8. Hey, btw, I'm noppi :D changed my username hahaha.. and my profile picture as well.. :D

  9. Hahaha, I agree with who will rub their eyes when they have makeup on? Once my makeup is removed, I will usually almost immediately rub my eyes coz they are always itchy!

  10. @noppi lol okie.. i love ur cosplay outfit.. anyidea when is the next one? my friend would like to join :D

    @kim haha! totallt get what u mean.. the after feeling is.... SHIOK! hahaha

  11. Yes!! That's why I can rub until my eyes are red and swollen coz I tahan the whole day, lol. My friends and family hate seeing me rub my eyes, coz I really rub


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