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Friday, July 30, 2010

i guess u all know that there is a meet up not long ago..

is was just a mini meet up between me, dyan and min ru.. because we are exchanging our "gift" that we got from each other spree, CP or blog sale..

so our little meet up turn up becoming a group of meet up.. haha

list of those whom attend is at min ru's post

of course, how can u count as meet up when no picture is taken haha..

photo taken from: Azza

not in the picture is my very shy friend debbie she just started out in onsugar due to my influence haha its a good thing!

there is so little time so many things to talk..i didnt manage to chat to each and everyone except those sitting at my table area.

but i believe more meet up soon :D and i am very SHY quiet and trying to get onto the beat of the topic!!! haha but i am definitely slowly opening up and out of my comfort zone.. hehe

really appreciate dyan and min ru (rusty) for the outing and i CANT wait for more outing to come.. hehe

love u guys!! woohoo!!


ps: can i have those photo taken?? haha email me yah missjology@hotmail.com

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  1. hey! didnt get to chat you much but really look forward to doing that again next time i get to c you. yah complexion is so good lah.

  2. vion! i love the little chat in between each conversation with u! yah i really look forward seeing u again..
    please ur complexion is more radiant lar!! haha


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