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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

i think i have been stress in my work facing the computer and replying all sort of email...

sometimes my mouse "accidentally" click to sg_beauty

and purchase some stuff over there haha


its used mac stuff.. of course i sanitise all my 2nd hand mac product with 1 part water + 1 part alcohol..

i got famous satin taupe and rubenesque paint pot!

the satin taupe is really what they say... an all over lid color that kicks a hint of smokey brown..

some how i got attracted to this shade of brown.. my friend think that i am mad about browns and neutral. even i am surprise for myself. probably the "i want a everyday color" mind set kicks in..haha

next is adorebeauty's fav paintpot. she use almost everytime in her tutorial.. not only her.. other beauty guru loves using paintpot as their base to pop out the color. curious i was i end up purchase the paint pot. and OMG! i love the nice gold sheen it gives out...


its creamy and its sets very quickly.. i forgot how much i got this for. but its worth every dollars of it!!

ps: i am so tempt to get all the paintpot!!! but.... argh... maybe just 1 or 2 more? haha or if you have sample just hit me in the comment below.. would like to try them out before i go full size.. cuz i think this will last me for quite awhile haha

here the swatch of it. the top is w/o flash; bottom is with flash..


if you all recall recently the mac sales there is this mineralise blush - style demon.

is a bright nice red color..

i totally miss it! i am super upset. and thankfully i chance upon one girl and she sold it to me at the decent price of $25 inclusive of postage.

i am so happy to get it.. and i cant wait to try it..


how often u visit sg_beauty?

i almost check it out everday.. when i knw i suppose to visit during weekend haha..

can anyone of you teach me how to post to sg_beauty? i got things to sell but i am confuse





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  1. I click sg_beauty everyday! Haha.

    Post a feedback entry in your journal. Include this fb link in your sales entry in sg_beauty. Just remember that only 1 picture is allowed outside LJ-cut, your fb link must be outside LJ-cut and only 1 sales post per weekend is allowed.That's all. :)

  2. wow.. thanks for the help.. hehe i will go explore soon enough :) Thanks alot!!

  3. i love browsing thru sg_beauty too, lots of great buys.. ;)


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