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Thursday, June 10, 2010

i still cant believe that i am getting it.. haha i was telling the BA at mac that i will not get anything from that collection.. haiz

i wanted to get the marine life. so my BA told me she is unable to get it for me until like 3pm. she text me "hi joanna, please come today i may able to get the marine life for you" i was like " okok sure." that was like 3pm

then at 4.30pm she text again " sorry, the marine life confirm no more"  i was like "huh, okay but i reaching soon :)"

i cant believe the craze of this baby is so heart-pounding. its alright for me because i know those got it will enjoy as much as i do if i got it haha. i think jasmine got it.. saw her blog post this morning.. *ok stop admiring JOANNA!!

i wanted to get hipness but i could not justify myself using pink blush i do not know why but i prefer peach/coral blush like (instant chic) which i totally miss it out! :( sian~~ its very pretty and awwww but then again. if its left on the shelf not used i think the whole world will kill me right?

and the lipliner in orange color - i forgot the name of it. omg its so pretty when its being pair with beachbound. my friend was telling me "omg u are like a magician!" haha because it was pop orange and the beachbound layer over it turns into a very nice coraly-orange-sheen...

i got lazydays (Lustre finish) and beach bound (Glaze). both look so pretty.. didnt get the "thrill" lipstick because i show to mummy and she say the gold sheen is attractive but not really her cup of tea.

i do not know what happen to my lazy day :(

sign~~~... sub-conscious i want to get another one. but.. lets try not to get so dumb over it.. haha

believe or not.. this is my first pink lippie.. haha and i love it.. shall try to wear it out one day :)


i like the neat sheen beachbound gives.. there is some pigment in it.. not alot but still able to see slight corally color..



about the mac bringing limited stock for marine life i think its a abit dumb because 9 pieces per counter? geezzz that is a little too little.. imagine the beauty popular growing in singapore.. they are losing some customer here.. hopefully they will restock again.. but my BA doubt so..

and if there is a chance that they will be restocking? i probably think twice again.. haha i see the hype of the beauty of this product but frankly speaking.. the temptation vs "how often will i use the product"... keeps me on track for not spending too much haha


Updates on my life:

i have been helping out my dad managing his business and his accounts.. mum usually does the work but its time for me to learn the ropes of my dad business.. been busy almost everyday, even though i still manage to twitter 1 or 2 times or meet up with friends usually dinner like most of the 9-5 job ppl would do. yeah.. its not easy but if this path is the way to improve my family life.. why not? :) haha

who say poor will become poorer? or rich become richer? i can be as rich just being with my family and friends including onsugar peeps hehe

so i will try to blog as much as possible on times that i am free..hehe because i love makeup and i cant denied that!

ps. i not going to japan already since i commit myself to family business.. its a disappointment but japan is not going anywhere right? there goes my japan trip HAUL!  shall keep the saving and let it earn interest in the bank til the next trip hahaha


love u guys!

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  1. heavenlygorgeousJune 10, 2010 at 9:56 PM

    High five for the Lazy Day Lipstick! But why is your Lazy Day Lipstick like that? Heart pain leh.

  2. both lipsticks look pretty :D and ya, what happened to your Lazy Day lipstick? :O

  3. Feel like getting lazy days! But.....
    Anyway it looks good on u (:

  4. @heavenlygorgeous & @rainyydays i not so sure what had happen sia.. super upset!! like SUPER!! mayb i didnt close it properly.. haiz..

    @icefrost thx girl.. did u get anything from this collection?

  5. your lipsticks damn pretty! and hmm you probably didnt twist it to the end because capping it on ): but it's still pretty on your lips anyway so dont be sad!!

  6. Oh mannn... Heart pain heart pain... But it's ok lah. Lazy Day looks good on your lips!


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