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Wednesday, June 02, 2010


i receive a sms from mac BA tangs that the collection will be launch this coming friday :)

i was not very keen in this collection. but you know.. youtube have their own magic u see.. hahaha

so i watched a couple of the haul videos.. and omg.. this and that is soooo must have it!!!


pictures and reviews for "to the beach" collection are from : temptalia

  1. EYESHADOW - doesnt really appeal to me - skip
  2. LIPSTICK - the lazyday(pink), beachbound (orange) very very tempting. i might wanna get the Thrills (reddish) beside the lazyday for my mummy she LOVE red!!
  3. BLUSH - Hipness very nice pink.. and the starfish have to be there to attract sia! but its a 50-50 getting it cause i would wanna get...
  4. HIGHLIGHT POWDER - Marine Life High-light powder (SDG$48) i believe everyone knows that the overspray is just an attraction but the color underneath is so pretty and if you are a typical singaporean. there is 2 blusher inside~! haha eventhough its label as highlight powder. but the reviews on temptalia has convince me to get it.. haha


there are others like the bronzer, lustredrops, brushes etc. but i do not need them because i still loving my elf bronzer, style worrior collection - solar richie. Lustre drops i dont think i will be using them because i dont really like glowy look. Brushes wise... erm i can afford 217. the rest maybe if i happen to travel to USA then might consider getting it hahahahha

what will you be getting or why are you not getting... let me know or maybe knock some sense into me for wanting to buy these stuff!!!

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  1. {: i have other things up on my wish list but i want the bronzer as well :X haizz. mac, you shouldnt have tempted me. anyway, thanks for the update.

  2. Really! This Friday?! Im so looking forward to this collection. I wanna the lippies u circled too.

  3. @noppi no problem girl ^^

    @syila slakers the BA texted me this afternoon.. great mind think alike hahhaha


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