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Friday, June 04, 2010

First, i won rainyydays giveaway part 3. click here


i am so happy and excited when i saw my name on her post. i only took picture of the 3 items beacuse i am sure you guys know what is it, the primer potion in sin, elf eyeshadow brush and no. 3 cross type eyelashes.

this is a puff/sponge cleaner, i believe daiso sells it but i cant really find it in sembawang daiso and i am glad i able to enjoy it. i have not tried it out but probably later when i wash my foundation brush and sponge to try it out :)

i personally love champange color, any eyeshadow has a description of champange in it i would go gaga or wonkers about it

the reason why 4 similar swatch because i want to get the correct angle so u can see the S-P-A-R-K-L-E-S of glitter in it.  but i am alright with it :)

ok next, is the NYX jumbo pencil. i am sure you all know what is it about. but i found smthing different from my one black JEP.

the ingredient are almost similar but..they both are made in different places. which is weird but you get the point. maybe repackaging?

anyway the texture are similar and i see no diffence in the quality in it. except one is white another is black hahaha

thanks rainyyday dear for the give away i really enjoy using them ^^


second is a gift i receive from my friend/god-daughter from hongkong ^^


no makeup but there is one skincare

i love it beacuse now is so hot and humid, i basically use this not only toner but as a face fresher.. and dap off the excess haha

my brother like it too.. Ops* ^^ but he is camp now so he have to say gd bye for now haha

yeap my post on the haul from collective haul from mac will be up soon after my camera batt are charged up. :)


love u all ^^ take care ppl


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  1. :) glad that you enjoy using them! ohh i didn't realized the packaging was different!


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