Belated - Haul... (before i leave china)

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

this is was meant to be posted before i left china.. but everything was rush rush rush.. including china too.. been too busy ever since i came back..

not liking the style yet.. cause my freedom is practically gone.. but thats life right?! ok stop rambling and onto the haul before i went to china


ok lets start with the make up,

mostly is 2nd hand, i realise that sg_beauty is really a nice place to nitch a good deal for product or trying out new product. i have tried the revlon, the coverage is nice but its does dries out pretty fast.. so upon application i have to work really fast. i do not see it oxidise on me yet but i will do a review soon :)

this purchase (excluding bareminerals )was from jasmine blog sale, she is going to aussie to study soon! she is a very nice girl and i like talking to her haha

the bareMinerals was an incident, my friends and i was passing by orchard ion. so i asked them if they would like to take a look into sephora? just nice the promoter passed us the flyer and we tried it out. and got the sample. if you all recall there is a flyer to obtain the sample... omg i loving this mineral matt foundation!!! considering to get it man!! but i got to try few more times so make sure it doesnt really breaks me out because i do not want to invest a mineral foundation that in the long run breaks me out..


next is non makeup related. but i though of sharing with you gals :)

i got this accessories both at toa payoh. beside the jewellery shop. its sell other non-branded makeup but i wasnt interested in it.

let me introduce to you.. my collection of stud earring. i have only one-sided ear hole which is on the left, what happen to my right?  "In secondary school, i am in the girl's brigade uniform group. we are not allow to wear earring or even those plastic stud, so my right ear hole got infected because of improper care and the constantly taking in and out cause the hole to like some how got terribly swollen. so i decided to "close" my right ear hole and let it heal"

til date i want to "re-hole" it again, i can feel the existing hole is there but the entering layer has heal itself.. i want to go to a profession to get it done and hopefully painlessly.

so all this while i collect alot of mostly PUNK type of one sided stud or ear-ring/pieces.. and i cant find a better storage then this. i think i going again to get more of it.

ok this is a splurge item. i do not often wear contact lens unless i hang out with my friends or just feel like wearing it. and is like anna sui embroidery so pretty.. you know its a once a while thing.. :P


previously i was on the e-mook craze... then stop awhile. and NOW i am back again.. haha

from left to right.. porter, elle, le-sportsac.

i love the porter bag because got sling and its BIG! worth the $$

elle lunch bag i tot it would be bigger but its alright for travelling to organise things can put my ladies stuff inside

lastly the le-sportsac.. i got the previous model last year and i use it very well and i and still using it. but this one.. OMG.. if you haven got it. better go get it. i remember kino still has the other prints left. the black one maybe at bugis or liang court might have it. its soooo multi usage man!

i going to japan soon and i bringing all this 3 along with me!!! :)

i got more post coming up. hopefully can load another one tonight. okay i need to go back to work now.. :D

thanks for not forgetting me :)

disclaimer: all the items are purchase by me.. my money!!

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  1. I am jealous :D i want to go to japan also XD

  2. haha, i was thinking bring my laptop over so i can update u guys. but i wonder the hotel got internet or nt.


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