MIA not my fault~ T.T

Friday, May 14, 2010

hi everyone,

as you can see the title.. haha

i now currently in china, and thankfully i am still able to blog in onsugar and go onto ebuddy.. except twitter. awwww

helping my mummy in some business stuff and will be back on the 22 may. thankfully the company got internet (LAN)! need to steal their wire for the hostel room haha

and to let you know that revlon photoready is in singapore changi airport, i not sure when will it be release to singapore market or will they be releasing etc.

probably on the way back i going to check it out. if you guy would like me to CP. please email me. i will reply you back asap :)

not sure about the color selection or the price yet though but will get as much as information from my friend.


china here weather is freaking cold. and i didnt bring enough skincare stuff to take care my skin. but they have hell loads of skincare advertisement and tv shopping~ very risky... do not want to chemical poison my face you know haha

anyway i will try to update as much as possible and i already missing singapore food! laksa.. steamboat... chicken rice!! mee siam~ ahhhhh


best of all... i miss all of you onsugar!!


see you all soon!

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  1. have a safe trip dear... n dont forget to share us if you haul any makeup items from there :)

  2. 6 more days then you can stuff yourself silly with all the food you've missed! I want cold weather!

  3. @thefacepalette hahaha i will try to haul cuz i found a beauty shop nearby.. but have to be careful haha

    @ladeekim i already missing the food T.T

  4. haha you should take the chance to walk around and have fun if you have the time! (: wish i could go overseas for a short holiday too... ): come back soon!!


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