Tag: What's your first MAC purchase?

Thursday, April 15, 2010

thanks michelle for tagging me! :D

i first got into makeup was watching youtube video during FYP haha.. my team had completed the required task so i just lean back and think what i should search in youtube?

"makeup"... the first video was tyra banks tutorial. then taiwan queen show~ etc..

even my sec school friend Junry(see your name is here!! LOLXX) who is still a makeup addict.. was shock that i am into makeup etc. haha so i began my journey with her and now i have search all my way here to onsugar and boy i am glad i type the word "makeup".. haha

i think the first mac item i got was

This is a fav. basic in most youtube guru for their highlight colour. intially i though there isnt a need for me to put highlight until i saw the difference it can do to really makes the eyeshadow looks come together.. amazing stuff..



or the sugarsweet collection

bubbles lipstick - i got 2 of it (the hype of being a verstile colour which can mix and match to create diff colour)

butternutty is really pretty, during that period i was in the champagne period. anything that has champagne in the description i will die die have to get it.. hmmm i think until now i still have that habit.. ohhh need to change!!!!

penny is another love.. strong brick reddish copper color. i like how it brings warm to my eyeshadow. this was used to be my go to colour when i am in the rush etc. i think its time to bring it out again.. haha


both purchase were very close that i forget which one i got it first :p

so yeap.. i going to move house soon.. hopefully i can get a proper dressing table so i can really see what makeup i got so none of them will get neglected.

there is so many babe i would like to tag..

BabySunshine - especially her!! she have to kick start to do the blog!! jun jun dear :D LOLXX




and to everyone who wants to do the tag too!! :D

LOVE U ALL LAR!!! muack!!!

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  1. Oh yes vanilla was one of my first few e/s :)

  2. @icefrost its was the most safest colour for me to get for the craving/temptation etc ahaha

  3. Yeah I was thinking of blogging again XD since I am going to have a lot of time after my work XD okays okays once I made my white box, I am going to catalog my loves! <3 jojo baby~~ kisses

  4. @BabySunshine i shall wait patiently for ur first post.. :D ur blog is gonna be super then me.


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