See you soon

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


My exam is around the corner, which is 30th april. so i going off to start my revision now...

i definetly going to miss online world especially twitter haha..

so i might reply your comment only during the night..

i hope you all will not forget me T.T

i know its a period where i will be complainting "study is boring~!"

but hey after april i am free, and i going to look forward to be blogging back to onsugar hehe

i cant wait for 30th april to come, mama bday, my builder license cert collection and of course freedom!

well, gonna take this study period like reading a nice book and hopfully "reading" can be as easy as the picture looks..


signing off


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  1. Once heard something liike,

    " student + dying = studying "


  2. LOL at Rustylove's comment. So funny! Anyway, study hard, love! And hope you pass your exams!

  3. Haha so when you studied, it's not good! Why? Student + died lol!

  4. LOL! agree with musicplayson XD

  5. lolx thanks u so much for ur jokes and wishes..

    brighten my day looking at my notes hehehe

    love u guys the most!!


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