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Monday, April 19, 2010

Just figure out that since i done a initial review on the foundation. why not a look haha would not want to go to waste hehe

Face: laneige oil free foundation 21, mac nc20 foundation as concealer; got sample), random setting powder

(Click here to see initial review of the foundation)


  1. Warm & Cozy shade stick as a base
  2. Smoke and diamonds E/S all over the lids
  3. Knight Devine E/S at the outter corner
  4. Crystal Avelanche E/S at the inner corner
  5. Club E/S at the lower lash line
  6. Vanilla E/S as highlight
  7. Eye line with LA girl - Fineline liquid liner
  8. Lashblast for top and bottom mascara - 2 coats


  1. Random Bronzer as the contour
  2. Peach Parfait as blush
  3. Inuovi gold metallogy E/S + peach parfait (mixed) as a highlight on the cheekbone

You got to love how contour can makes you look slim :D

But got to hate when the sun is going down, and have to use bright table lamp to "help" you take photo without the use of evil digital camera flash!


  1. Watson Lip Blam
  2. Naked Lip liner and filled it in

the finally looks hehe

well i play with the curves in PS haha so cool sia.

Current Music in WMP:Colbie Calliat - Fallin' For You

enjoy peeps :)

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  1. :D i love playing with curves.. XD hi^5

    pretty :)

  2. I sold my Club e/s because I don't really like the payoff. Anyway, yay for the LOTD. I've not done any since my first. :D

  3. @noppi well thx to u~~ *point finger to direct ppl* she teach how to use :D


    go see haha!

    @xhilzahx oh how come? i think its okay its not a must have e/s...

  4. Xhilzahx : do it now! *hahaha, just kidding. but seriously, i like ur lotd ;) must do more ;)

  5. Hi babe, I like intense colors and club is not really a must have like you've said. Keep up the great LOTD!
    Noppi, I've been really busy. Students having exams, countless tuitions for them. Plus my bf is in Singapore! :D

  6. Great LOTD! :) Nice colours!
    Im not yet confident to do a lotd yet :P

  7. My Jojo so pretty! Gimme ideas for my first LOTD please for my new site! <3 <3

  8. @icefrost dun wry dear, i am sure u can come out with something soon * winks hehe can try using the stuff we got at the mac sale? can start with the shadestick since u love it :D

    @BabySunshine idea ar.. you give me better.. i wan to see youngpunk look :p

  9. adik, you look gorgeous! nice..

  10. @Reyenal kakak~ thx thx :) still got alot to improve hehe

  11. Np~ slowly otey.. ;)

  12. lolx... "evil digi camera flash"
    To me... I love the flash so much! I even use flash when I take outdoor pics!! HAhahhaaa....

  13. @everbluec really? i dont like when it washes out the colour. but i do love flash at certain setting hehe like nite setting.. awesome~! depends how we play with our own camera :)

  14. U have really gorgeous eyes babe!


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