NARS Research Project - Sheer Glow/Matt Foundation

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Caution this is a wordy post!

**my laptop wil be back on monday and i cant wait to do my post. however currently i am using my brother comp which unfortunately cant edit photo nor read sd memory card except for games. but it cant stop me to do at least a post on my journey to NARS research project.


This post will be update often regarding nars product that i found online and i would like to share it with everyone! which finger cross hopefully there will be a nars spree on may.. *wink to icefrost haha

usually i would investigate on the foundation part first.

i am nc15-20



NARS Sheer Glow Foundation

A glowing, satin-finish foundation with sheer and buildable coverage. Replete with skincare benefits and the NARS Complexion Brightening Formula, skin is hydrated, more luminous, softer and smoother. Used daily, Sheer Glow Foundation improves skin brightness, radiance and texture. For normal to dry skin types.

NARS Sheer Matt Foundation

An oil-free, soft matte-finish foundation with sheer, buildable coverage that controls oil and shine throughout the day. Replete with skincare benefits and the NARS Complexion Brightening Formula, skin is more luminous, softer and smoother.

Question 1) How i know whether which nars foundation color i am in?

As we know NARS is not available in singapore and we had the fear of ordering online of the wrong shade. So how?

Ladies you can click on " mega foundation chart " which u can match your current foundation from mac, Bobbi brown, dior or even l'oreal. AMAZING!

*updated - or you can check out temptalia foundation matrix

(click for full size)

however, if you are still unable to find your foundation shades, ask around or visit karlasugar she had done swatches of the nars foundation on her arms..

just a guide line. retail_therapy had done a initial rave, her foundation shade color and how to apply the foundation at her blog. can check it out :)

so once u got your color,

Question 2) Which type is the one for you?

Singapore is unlike US which they provide sample size to let you to try etc. and you are either oily, dry or combination skin. So how?

watch youtube video :) (which i love doing haha) but do take note on the side that we are Asian skin tone and usually Caucasian skin tone is slightly different. however, this is whom i have seen and this is worth watching

RAEview - which i recenlty followed and she done great honest review on the nars foundation

lollipop26 - everyone know her this is her review

Lisasz09 - she the queen of review. love her review she been thru bad first then good with nars and i think her experience is good for us to take note of.

MakeupByTiffanyD - she done review and how to apply the foundation

TheCurrentCustom - she have oily skin and she uses NARS, and she had been honest with her product

you can still google or youtube for more info :D


Question 3) Do you have the right tools for the product?

NARS foundation does not have a pump so its a pour out foundation. if you have seen all the video above  some of it have shown or mention all the different method of applying the foundation. In case you miss it this is what i got the idea of it. or you can watch

TalkinMakeUp - on her review which brush is best for giving air brush makeup effect.

however, overall this is what i realise



Classic Foundation Br us h -this is mostly everyone have been using probably the way to go

S tippling brush - its the most popular or have been rave for great air brush effect but however, on RAEview she apply using her finger first then stipple it.

Sponge - not many uses the sponge and probably because its an expensive product; sponge regardless wet or dry. it absorb alot of the product to it and NARS foundation is expensive who would want to waste it issit? haha

Fingers - Well, only thecurrentcustom uses her finger for her foundation application.


CONCLUSION: Use whatever you are comfortable with, as long as you practice the rules of foundation perfection. no streaky of line!! and of course the correct color and the jaw line etc etc...haha you know the steps :D


Question 4) To take the plunge or not that is the question?

In my case, i do not own any liquid foundation. i am serious. haha even mac (the NC15-20 is i went down to mac one day and ask the MUA to color match me) foundation. i do not makeup everyday unless i hang out with my friend etc. so i do not really invest on expensive/drugstore foundation except the za 2 way foundation and the etude house bb cream one until probably MAYBE now ? because i realise that a good foundation can make the whole face look "real" face if you know what i mean.

some people weight the price - roughly $60 plus plus or less depending the promo/ exchange rate/ shipping etc

and the coverage - medium to buildable coverage in case you were wondering ( all the reviews has it hehe)

the amount of product you get and all other factors depending how much you really need (not want) it.

so for the foundation is really depend on the personal preference, until now i still have not made up my mind if i really NEED that foundation. that is why i am sharing my "homework" to you all.. haha

thanks for staying on for so long really appreciate for those who really stick onto the end of the post. if you guy have any comments, tips, new finding that you want to let me know or the onsugarettes know do comment below. it would really help in my nars "homework" adventure. i aplogise for the bad english because i not really good in english typing hahaha


disclaimer: not promoting nars or being hired by anyone. just my before spree project that i do if i am into something that i like..

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  1. Hey great post! Just what I needed because I have been contemplating if I should get it or not haha. Thanks once again! :)

  2. @musicplayson no problem dear ;) hope it help ya haha

    @noppi thank u dear :)

  3. Blue's clue! Oh i love that show. haha.
    Thanks for the post! Its indeed useful, esp the foundation matrix :)
    I need to invest in a good foundation brush, im unhappy with my mac 187 lately.

  4. @icefrost no problem dear, recently 187 isnt the go to foundation brush.. i think its the hype that really kicks in haha. the louise young brush looks really good.. but is abit pricey :p. however, u can maximize the 187 as a natural looking blush effect. wouldn't want a good brush go to waste haha

  5. 187 is one of the most versatile brushes, though mine as been increasingly neglected as i get more is pricey though, at S$80+ and i know other brands also sell similar ones, but not as good as the mac one.. (at least those i come across can't compare)
    as for your NARS dilemma...if you want to try out liquid foundations in general, there are many other accessible brands out in our sg market... brands like Estee lauder, dior, mufe etc etc they do offer samples in your shade get matched and ask nicely if you can try a sample, to see how it works out for youbefore you plonk $$ on the full size. follow up with the MA if the sample she gave you is working out. this i learnt from Kas, and I think it is just very polite and only right to let them know if you like a product or need further help/ advice.

  6. Awesome post, love!

  7. wow....good research babe!

  8. great post! i am more inclined to get the sheer matte to try it out.

  9. @retail_therapy wow, thanks for ur tips. i will keep that in mind :)

    @heavenlygorgeous thank u darling :) i will keep on improving !! haha

  10. @missfoxyazza thank u dear for reading the long post.. :)

    @purplio thank for the compliment! well got to try to know rite? haha if u getting it let us know how is it :)

  11. You guys should really get the Sheer Glow. My nose is oily and dryer cheeks, I love my sheer glow so much unfortunately I bought a color which is a little too yellow - I am a MAC NC 30 peachy neutral undertone and i match to a Punjab to stromboli. Stromboli is too yellow so Monte Fe on the light side, so I am going to Bangkok to get Punjab soon ;D Reason I don't like the matte one was it that it felt kind of streaky while applying and it was a little drying.

    Seriously, sheer glow is the only foundation that I have ever purchased twice, and trust me, I do foundation-jump ALOT. :D

    Jojo you better get one soon! <3

  12. @BabySunshine hehe thx jun jun for the mini review :D i will consider getting it one when the spree open yah hehe


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