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Thursday, April 15, 2010

i believe everyone knows about the sale but those whom do not know.

Is a Singapore based makeup brand that sell good quality makeup -

this is their website -

recently they had the April fool quest/promotion where there will be 5 event happening at different timing

each timing/promotion/event lasted for 1 hr, and each promotion/event featuring special offer like lower prices or special gift etc.

the most popular are the $1 items which for my case i enter the 4th and 5th event :) lets me stress that all items are promotion - $1

Firstly the eyeshadow :D, its very pigmented and smooth.. *speechless* the texture and its $1 no reason to complaint.

actually i am worrying about how are they going to earn from that?! 0.0

(click on for full size)


one swipe without flash

Top row: Fantasy, Bullet, Wine Frost

Bottom row: Chantilly, Lava, Hyancinth* (matt colour)

with flash

* this colour belongs to my friend and i ask her permission to swatch it :D now i regret not getting it.. ITS SO SMOOTH that when you touch it, you have goosebumps feeling.. haha exaggerate abit :p


(click on for full size)


Top Pict - Without Flash

Bottom Pict - With Flash

Left to Right - 392 (Champagne Glimmer), 324 (Peach Parfait**) ,325 (Pink Cloud***)

** i got 2, one for myself - pan another is in pot for my friend

*** my friend got this, argh. this color is also very pretty!!! BTW i ask her permission already :D

for blushes i have used peach parfait and i love that it can be either highlight or just blush for my skintone, pigmentation is great so i really recommend using a light hand for it. i cant wait to use my champagne glimmer.. ^^ looks darker and bronze-ier love love!!


well we have alot of regret during the sale right. haha hopefully (finger and toes cross) there would be another one :)



Guess which is mine? haha


i got the Pink Champagne ^^

Pink Kisses is my friend, i do not want to swatch this even though she say its alright but lipgloss isn't so appropriate to share probably ask her to swatch it for me and update later :D

pink champagne isn't very "pink", it more bronze/glittery/gold shade

you can see the swatch on the bottom picture, Top is bare lips, Mid is without flash, Bottom is with flash.

very pretty from afar, but too glittery for me. so probably pair it with matt lipstick if have in the future :D * thinking honeylove from mac

on the side note, its has a funky cosmetic scent to it which i think its abit strong. to me its smells like milk powder haha dont get me wrong, i love milk. but its weird to have something that smells like milk powder on my lips when i know i suppose to drink it :x

i probably not going to purchase it again because its too glittery for me and the funky smell.. but who know they improve the formula or the smell of it


ok so this is the post of MUA haul/reviews haha, of course there were OOS items which is the brush and the mascara :( but overall i am still very happy with my purchase.. $1!! who not happy :D

shout-out: to all peeps going to mac sale.. i really cant wait to see you guys there.. can i conclude as a mini gathering? hehe see ya tml my dearest!

if you would like to know more reviews from the above post items let me know and i will do detail review on it :D

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  1. See you tomorrow, love! :shopping:

  2. I got Pink Champagne too and I love it! :D One of my fav lip glosses now. :D

  3. @heavenlygorgeous see u too! ^^ very cute icon. just nice represent tml outing.. :D

    @musicplayson hi-5, good for u.. currently i not really liking it.. hopefully after getting use to it i will love it? haha

  4. The blusher looks pretty.. aww.. what a turn down for the lipgloss cos the packaging lovely.. btw go and get that honeylove sure you wil love it.. well there's alternative like blankety. hey go mac sale don't forget to shop more ley hah..

  5. Yay! Cant wait for tmr too!

  6. @Reyenal yah the lipgloss very nice color sia.. they shld change the website photo lar.. haha shop more ar.. i scare tml i haven shop already faint.. so many ppl to meet :D

    @icefrost weeee!!!!

  7. Hahah.. *Faint* happy shopping then.


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