MUA - Fool's quest (edited 9pm)

Friday, April 02, 2010

omg u didnt know how excited i am.. haha thanks to facesbysarah notification on her fan facebook and her blog swatch for guidance.

i join in the fool's quest hosted by myredhouse

and this is my shopping bag..


i so regret not getting the creme blush.. awwww!!! but its okay can always wait for the next one.. or who know perseverance can stop me hahahha


so what did u get from myredhouse?

edited - 9pm

so i cave it and get those baby! awww no more makeup! seriously! hahaha 4 of it is for my friend the rest is mine! so i still can control~

p.s i am sorry not able to post much because my laptop admitted "hospital" especially the vov i mention on my twitter which is mostly non makeup related but i update more often then blog.. hmmm now i am using my brother desktop which sadly unable to do alot of things.. haha hopefully i can sneek in something inside so he doesnt notice hahahhha

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  1. I purchased 3 e/s, 3 brushes and 2 blushes. Hehe.

  2. @xhilzahx cant wait to try out their e/s and best it is wallet friendly!! ^^

  3. Yes, this is a good chance to try out their products! I'm still waiting for the 9pm one!

  4. @xhilzahx same same.. but have to make another payment which have to add another handling fees of $2 is abit .... er weird?

  5. Ya precisely the $2. Hehehe. Handling fee. I hope they won't charge any more handling fee as I read that customers who purchased more than once will have items sent together in one invoice.

  6. @xhilzahx mayb redhouse should review it asap in this problem to be fair for those whom have support more.. :P

  7. LOL. Anyway, I hope to see your MUA haul soon! It's gonna be 2100 in 15 mins! Yay!


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