MAC Private Sale + MAC ADDICT + laneige sale

Saturday, April 17, 2010

this is a not so huge mac haul compare to others this is the first time i attending it so i wasnt really expecting to spend alot haha

i practice my rule quite good i say haha took those i really want/need that i would definitely use.

i meet hyd - (primary & sec friend.. and makeup buddy) i recently caught up with her on twitter. she doing makeup for others IS A FULL FLEDGE MAKEUP ARTIST and this is her webby can check her out.^^

later met suzanne - my another makeup buddy which i infulence her to get onto the makeup bandwagon :P but we are enjoying it!! yeap!

of course other onsuagarettes too! michelle, jennifer, dyan & gwenned.. meet up with them and we head off to the merchant rd.. trying our best to find where is it. haha

then we saw adorebeauty06, facesbysarah, cocomotion, retail_therapy's sister~ but i too shy to say hi and its was very very crowded when we are in there.. but i did manage to chit chat to adorebeauty06 some "area" along the way but i didnt intro myself LOLXX  adorebeauty06 if you are seeing this "i am the girl who ask you whether you got get the style warrior lipstick brave new bronze but you say they only got sunsational" & "the pigment is the old packaging" yeap that is me~! haha

during the sale, my friends had gone missing and i was alone.. haha talk about RUSH! however, the person that i able to chit chat along the way is dyan because we keep popping to each other face.. hey babe!

shout out to all onsugarettes whom i meet: hey girl, although our timing together from MRT to the building is short but i really enjoy being able to finally see U and breathe the same air as U all..  haha of course being able to be part of the craze really WOW me that for makeup sale we can actually wakeup very early.. wonder if that can implies to school and work? ~.0 hopefully the next time we meet up we would have long long conversation yah~ haha

okok long story short.. lets go see see picture now! WARNING: i hope my haul doesnt embarrass to you all

yeap this is the total thing i got.. i practice self-restrain.. urgh! so proud of myself. *missing out is the pigment and glitter i share with hyd hehe

total MAC damage including the share pigment is $65..

each item was around $10, $15, $20 or $30- $50 for those gift sets, mine was $10 for each items.. total is $50 at sales but if its retail price then is $150..

that is an AMAZING saving! i was wonkering out after i done the calculation.. they should not have do this once a year, this is a torturing process! $.$



without flash

with flash

when i saw their name on the packaging.. bamb* i took them immediately without seeing what shade they were! there you go

MAC ADDICT! this is an advantage because you spend less them thinking is this what you want, but actually you already know that this is what you want for the very long time but do not have the $$ or time to go get it~ haha



this is.... SMOKE AND DIAMONDS! from the starflash collection.. how dare the TANGS SA told me there is no more ar! worst they also got grand entrance! but OOS! geeezzzz..

anyway~ i was shocked to see this baby because I THIS IS THE MISSING PUZZLE IN MY HEART FOR SO LONG! finally i can move on to other shade :x

i am loving it! weeeeee

MAC ADDICT AGAIN! you will be very happy when you finally got the LE shade you want at the fraction of the ebay cost! you will share it onsugarettes and friends what loot you got :D

there are others from the makeup art collection, i not really into that kind of shade plus they dont let me get close to the table to see what they really have. have to thanks suzanne for helping to grab it as she is the closest to the table. :D

( left: with flash, right: without flash) * smiling happily when i see this in my collection



i saw this and i grab it again immediately.. i put back cuddle and now i regretting it. (we will get to the part where the regretting & emo part start)

i told myself i got penny from the sugarsweet collection but in the end i not sure why this still end up in my bag haha

will do a camprision for penny vs warm and cozy

MAC ADDICT FACES UP! when you know you got the same shade at home but out of consciousness you still take it. praying hard that the one at home isnt the same shade as it... let pray for me ppl!!

(bottom left: w/o flash, bottom right: with flash)




so yeap.. that all folks.. da da da da da



no lar i just kidding, how can this satisfied you guys?!

so me and hyd and suzanne gone off to the laneige sale and keep telling ourself not to get another thing unless is really a good buy or really a NEED

at the laneige sales, there werent much stuff left and mostly is OOS :( but....

this is what i got, foundation and a sample. :D

foundation U.P $48, sales $10 ^^

i finally got a liquid foundation!!.. i have been wanting to try this but i know laneige have this sales also around once a year at this time also..

hyd was impress with the quality because its more like a lotion and easy to blend also.. geez we wish we had more money!! lolxx

this was in the $1 section. i do not know what is it for but no harm trying right and for sample size. 25ml is consider good.

however the smell is funky, like medicine haha anyway is a pore trouble emulsion so i presume that its medicinal properties inside hmmm we shall see..

i have big pores btw :x


Overall damage including the mac sales is $76.

currently i am not working hence the pathetic figure haha but to me is good enough.. :D i didnt spend so much in my life before haha

i will update the mac pigment after i got it from hyd sayang..

ok the regret/emo part is that..

i saw style demon at the display board - OOS :( i want it for so so so so long.. like the name and the color of it.. ebay is still selling crazily over $50!

feline - but it smudges like crazy!! in the end didnt get it.. its the hype that makes it mad..

greasepaint stick -  i scare the formula is different and will smudge; didnt get. but after experimenting hyd D2square paintstick. it doesnt budge at all!!! but it takes longer time to set.

msf porcelain pink - a lady in front of me took the last one :( its was like NOOOOO situation!!! T.T bye bye my wanting msf shade

grand entrance -  probably the crowd took it :( and i missed it just abit bye bye to stila kitten dupe and it was a starflash finish.. sobbing*


well not all is lost haha i still able to get that 5 precious item that i want... hope to get ready for the next one next time.. haha prepare to snatch all i can lolxx..



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  1. Love your loots, love! Didn't get to say Hi to you at the Sale. :(

  2. i remembered! hey gorgeous!!!! hahah next time must meet me for our outing ok! Nice haul! :)

  3. GOod control ;) Heheheh..

    Hahah, I saw someone picking up lots and lots of sample into her box XD

  4. Ahhh. I want warm&cozy, but it went missing! Its supposed to be in my plastic bag :(
    Anyway, great haul! Love your selection of the lipglasses! :D

  5. really! haha thanks.. i cant wait to see urs!!! hehe

    its okay dear, we will meet up and chat loads then.. where were you sia? too crowded man..

  6. @adorebeauty06 haha u remembered!! :D okok i will definitely meet you at ur next outing yeah!

    @noppi thanks girl.. haha i think she wan to make the sample into the full size bottle :P

  7. nice haul! i was like "NOOOO!" for grand entrance too :( i really wanted that shade. aw man :( haha anyway, did i see you there? i really don't know :/ not sure if you know how i look like too :P

  8. @icefrost haha thanks dear even though the lipglass is so sticky but cant stop my hand to grab it >.<!!.. things like to go missing in the plastic bag ar~~ mayb the plastic bag got small hole and we didnt notice haha

  9. @rainyydays ya!! u been thru the NOOOO situation too!! so heartbreaking~~ eh i dun think i got see you there lea.. hehe too crowded bah dun wry the next outing we can see each other face to face.. i go do name tag :p

  10. haha! name tag! :D yup, i'll see you during the next outing! :)

  11. Jo: was nice meeting you that day!

  12. @rainyydays see yah babe! :D

    @Jennifer nice to meet you that day.. haha you very focus in getting your stuff.. got a few times i was behind you but i dun dare to disturb you sia hehe

  13. Hey girl ,you got the Laneige Pore Trouble at $1 a bottle?
    I was there today, and it was 5 bottles for $1!

  14. @gwenned geezzz... 20cents per bot?! that is out of this sales... awwww!! shld have gone on the last day~

  15. I was tempted to buy the foundation to try at the laneige sale yesterday but I didn't coz I already have 3 bottles of foundations I'm currently using.

  16. @ladeekim dun wry, i am sure they will have another sale soon enough around aug i think they have it twice a year.. then probably you can get it.. hehe :D i love ur DP nailss so pretty.. how u do it?

  17. I hope I get to go to the next sale then! And thanks, they were done using the konad stamping kit :)


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