Late Mini haul (Sephora + VOV)

Monday, April 12, 2010




my friend know that i am an eyeshadow freak. so i HAVE to go to the sephora 70% off sales at suntec. i only get the sephora mono eyeshadow which is wallet friendly to satisfied my obsession on eyeshadow.

and they are having 3 for $20.

this is what i got

Olive green with glitters[ bottom left ]. very chucky but pretty, (strass finishes)

Rosy brown [ top ], remind me of style snob which is a LE from mac might do a review on this(pearl finishes)

Matt black [bottom right ], its not very pigmented but less is more. its more charcoal color then the true black ( Matt finishes)

over all i think i love the pearl finishes the most as its very smooth but not as creamy as mac- veluxe pearl. me liking it alot!!!


next is the VOV which i saw it at parsar malam (night market) at woodlands causeway point. you have to walk all the way back.

the quality is a bang wow shiokness!!


guess how much?


only $ 1 ( purposely enlarge the fronts)

haha regarding pigmentation. i let the picture do the talking..

left is w/o flash, right is with flash

some how its reminded me like the mac mineralize e/s the 2 tone one

the texture is almost similar to Ed Pinaud Eyeshadow

there are total 4 set. but i only got 3.. probably going back to get the last one.. which is the blue and brown i guess.. hehe

however this are swatch by finger have not tried using the brush yet. but i am already sold by this $1 babies!!


UPDATED: i went back but i didnt get the last one because the price is $3 not $1 which is a blah to me.. so i didnt get the last one. i think the person whom entertain me didnt know the price of the product well. hence she anyhow state $1. in any case you gals are interested let me know i try to get it for you probably meet up or mail it to you :D

** however i do cautious you that this vov looks fake or it might be fake... i presume its fake. but if you do not mind the "fake" thing i think its worth the collection, i tried it on my eye and no redness etc. but then again it depend on your type of skin.


next post is my MUA haul.. cant wait to post it up weeee....!!!


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  1. Oh the vov eyeshadows are lovely! Even though it could be fake!
    Haha more posts from you now that your laptop is fixed :)

  2. @icefrost yesh dear.. i cant wait to start those post. probably edit the mua picture then post it later or tml :D

  3. I am getting =p a lot from ELF STUDIO -50% TEEHEHEHE!! i think i got some stuff for u :D but wait my baby deliver k! im so excited!

  4. @BabySunshine really... i love love u alot lar!!! when he come? :P i sms u tml

  5. hey, are they selling anything beside the eyeshadows? like blushes or something? and when is it until? will like to go down there and grab some stuff =D

  6. @yippy2910 i remember only e/s.. u have to look carefully because its hidden among other weird brands too.. :D the packaging is like anna sui box.. silly me throw the box away.. if u cant find let me know.. i help u :)

  7. hehe, thanks! i will go on wed after my exams finish and see if they still have it =D

  8. @yippy2910 gd luk to ur exam :D

  9. Fake? It look pretty real to me! lolx (I guess they anyhow quote the price! Hahhaaa) But at $1 it really a steal!

  10. @everbluec couldnt agree more!! haha blessing at pasar malam in disguise


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