Laneige Foundation Initial Reviews

Monday, April 19, 2010

this is the first liquid foundation that i have :D

its from the recent laneige sales

so without further elaboration. lets start the initial reviews

i bet many of you onsugarettes must have seen my "bare" face on the mac sales. i was not wearing any makeup~! every one seems to wear makeup even hyd and suzanne.. i am so "naked" that day.. ops off topic

i using the EOB brush to apply the foundation

its is after the foundation look

with concealer and setting powder

let ya all know about my skin situation: i have oily/ combine skin type. my skin become oil machine at standard 4pm~ then i have HUGE pores

this is just initial reviews not the whole day test yet~ shade is 21, i am nc 15-20. i use nearly 2 pumps


  • medium to near full coverage
  • not very thick after its set
  • oil free foundation
  • set to matt finish
  • nearly no need for me to use concealer
  • perfect foundaiton shade weeee!
  • comes with pump.. love love
  • the bottle is transparent so can see how much its left



  • thick upon application
  • have streaky marks upon application with the EOB brush
  • feel slight stickyness but its okay later when it dry


overall i am satisfied with the foundation. probably when i go out with my GF then i would test out the lasting power of it. i will update it later

any enquiry let me know..

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  1. How is the oil control? :)

  2. I feel like not wearing anything after a while, actually. It isnt thick at all after a while. agree.. :D

    Too bad i do not like matt finish X0

    I feel that the oil control is quite good. But my skin isnt really oily (compared to my friend whose face is super oily) so i cant really have a say XD

  3. wow it looks really good on you i think! like, can really conceal and brighten your skin. i like! maybe u don't use so much foundation, doesn't look like u need to cover much! :)

  4. @icefrost i haven really worn out fully today. but i will post another one when i worn out the whole day hehe :D

    @noppi i agree.. hehe, i haven really try the oil control yet hehe but i will post when i fully tested out..

    so keep watching yah :)

  5. @debx hehe thx girl you so sweet.. :D i dun dare to get the liquid foundation reason i scare getting the wrong foundation. so i keep staying with my powder foundation cause can control the amount haha..

  6. hmm, in the 2nd pic, the foundation looks like it's a darker tone than your skin?? camera lighting??

  7. @amyrleex oh, the foundation seems darker tone in the bottle, but upon application and some blending it goes well with my skin :D

    you can see the swatch here, before and after blending


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