I am Back!! *.*

Friday, April 30, 2010

as the post title..

i cant wait to get back to my posting.

have collective haul during my stress period..

exam are over and i am nervous about the result.. keeping my finger cross.. haha

well.. those who is still mugging for their papers... GD LUK!! you can have my share now!!


i want to go shopping ^^ but i have to save up for my jap trip during june

see you all tml~

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  1. welcome back noob =P

  2. Welcome back! Looking forward to your posts! Esp on your hauls, haha. And wow japan! I miss Japan, you will seriously go crazy there with all their drugstores at the turn of every corner and in their shopping centres too, ahhh!!

  3. welcome back dear :)

  4. @ladeekim yeap~ doing research on the shopping @ japan now... i cant wait!! geezzz i cant wait to see how heavy the luggage turn out.. :p

    @BabySunshine & thefacepalette
    weeee!!!!! :D

  5. Hahah bring me with you plsss!!!

  6. woot jap! will have helluva time shopping i guess?

    hey gal, i emailed u to let me have ur address so i can send u the barry M stuffs (its has been ages!!!) but i have not gotten any reply from u.

  7. @ladeekim sure.. i bring extra large luggage to fit u in :p

    @purplio yeap.. hope so.. still doing research for the shopping area. really?? okok i sill email u now! :D


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