CozyCot newspaper issue & membercard??

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

i just receive this from my email, so i thought of sharing to you :D

i am sure everyone know what is cozycot about, for those who dont?

CozyCot is women's best loved* online beauty, fashion, lifestyle, forums, reviews and shopping, catering to women and their insatiable needs. Featuring over 15,000 forum threads and more than 1 million posts to date. CozyCot is dedicated to connecting women through a social shopping community that cultivates women to learn and share about latest products and services, buy smart with the best digital community advice and rave about highly sought after trends and must-haves in a woman's world. CozyCot offers an authentic forum infused with compelling content from experts, members and friends on beauty, fashion, lifestyle, health, parenting, food and entertainment.

The site's interactive features include thousands of message boards and a wide variety of social networking tools, allowing women around the world to connect, share ideas, and seek advice and support about everything from teens to a mom. CozyCot is dedicated to connecting women at every stage of their lives.

* got it from their website hehe i am not so powerful :p


they are launching their first newspaper!!


quite excited about it, click the picture for more info.

however, if you are unable to collect the newspaper,


hope you guys enjoy reading it. i sure do haha














(click picture for full size)



next i would like to present. COZYCOT MEMBER CARD


(click picture for full size)


i probably will go and sign up for the member card i think. its very useful for those whom like fashion, beauty, food or getting to socialise with other beauty babes thru event etc.


so what are you waiting for? go JOIN NOW

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