Anna Sui Lipstick - Sui Rouge V

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

cocomotion mention about the Anna Sui 50% off on the 2 shade of lipstick. (that was 1 week ago?)

so i though of dropping by to see. in the end

this is what i got :D

colour is 761. same like cocomotion

very rock chic style.. cool!! haha


left: without flash, right: with flash


left to right, without flash, semi-flash, full flash


top to bottom: bare lips, full application, light application

there is another which is abit pinker or coral colour (if i remember correctly), the reason i choose this because it gives me the my lip but better colour.

and partially is because my friend whom accompany me to get it she once work at lancome as makeup artist, she say this look nice on me. so i listen to her advice. and frankly speaking when i first saw this colour i was afraid but now i am loving it~

as usual it has the anna sui rose scent to it. which is ok for me, overall i think its a good deal.

not so sure when the offer ends but you can always give isetan a call haha

have a nice day ^^

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  1. How much did u get it for? The lipstick looks gd on ya :)

  2. Great haul and love the packaging..

  3. @icefrost thx dear, i got it at $17.50 :D after discount

    @reyanal haha thx kaka, i know~ the packaging rocks!!


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