Review - Bourjois Correcting Concealer / Highlighter

Monday, March 01, 2010

The first time i got to know this concealer/highlighter is from my friend nicole, she and me is concealer freak.. so she recommended me to get this because you only need abit of this. reason why i put as highlighter will explain at the end of the post

I was sceptical at first because it has anti-fatigue ingredient which helps to "plumps" up the fine lines around the eye area, but i swatch it at the palm of my hand, which have abit of the "fine" lines, omg i was sold.. the fine line is filled up (which probably i know why it does and i will explain it in later detail)


(Click on the picture to enlarge)

i have to admit that is it abit SMALL!!! but trust me. you only need tiny amount

quite expensive for this tiny little stuff~ haha but i got it around $15 plus which is after the john little 20% off and the additional 10%


Texture: its looks thick lotion, and when you spread its like thick moouse, you need to work abit quick because it dries to matt finish.

yes you didnt see wrongly a concealer/highlighter that set to a matt finish. if i am not wrong most concealer need to be set with a loose powder (do correct me if i am wrong)


left side which is my right eye has the concealer on

right side which is my left eye has nothing on



- Packaging: i like it alot because you know how much the product is left.. that is a plus point

- Coverage: i have high standard in my coverage liking, i think this makes the line :D

- Cakey: too much of it will cake, otherwise NO

- Holding power: it will last the whole day. (8 hours) :D plus it holds my stage camo concealer preventing sliding (i put stage camo on top of it)

- Finishing: sets to matt finish



- The dispenser : i think the slant is abit hard to control because it dispense too much of the product at once and it quite messy. i prefer something like ZA concealer type of dispenser.

- Colour range : it only has 2 colour which is the down side :(

-Pricing: Expensive unless got sales

- Cakey: if you have fine lines, yes it will settle into your fine line eventually after line 4 hrs

- Finishing: not suitable for people whom dry skin as it drying abit




this to me is more of a highlight which is if you see the packaging "éclat clair light radiance" its reminds me of the YSL thing, i will look ashy if i use it alone and i have to pair up with my stage camo concealer which has more of skin tone colour. highlighter for what i know helps to brighten the eye area which its perfectly great for that job

initially when i tried it, it has a slight tingling sensation which i guessing is the active ingredient.

as mention above it fills in fine line, i realise is the matt finish that causes the fine line filler because i have abit of fine line under my eye so when i do touch up i can see the powder filling into the line which is a sad thing, but can be remove using finger to wipe it off easily.

overall i think is my HG product for a highlighter under the eye not a concealer, i think its a love and hate product depending if you know how to use the product well enough. for me is a hate first, but i realise more of the product and now i am loving it! haha


Rating: 4/5

Do let me know if you want to know more of the product :D

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  1. I have a few questions on this product:
    1. Is it transferproof? Even though I set my concealer with powder, when I wear my sunglasses under hot weather, I can spot later on some concealer that transferred to the rim of my sunglasses
    2. Can it conceal blemishes or just dark circles?

  2. 1) it is transfer-proof because i wear it out with my sunglasses too! because it sets to a matt finish so its doesnt transfer much. depending which sunglass you wore out that day i guess.. :)

    2) i try concealing blemishes before but i think it abit dry and if you over done the layering part. it might look cakey..but then again like i mention its act like a highlighter more then conceal IMO. so highlighting blemish = making the blemish stands out. i suggest dark circle to be use at.

    thanks for asking :D

  3. I usually wear sunglasses that contour my face. That's great, thanks! I'll check it out when there's a Bourjois promotion. :)

  4. Personally I don't think will work well for concealing .. but it's a good brightening product for undereyes areas.

    I use a thin layer all over my face as a primer (it work good! lolx... I still haven't experience any cakey-ness yet)

  5. so it's like any ordinary under eye concealer/highlighter?Ohh, I wanted to look for THE blemish and under eye concealer. I guess I'll wait for the LUSH Color supplement reviews and maybe look out for Amazing Concealer on Ebay :)
    Thanks MissJology for the review and Chantana for the bonus feedback.

  6. @everbluec i totally agree with you!! this is more highlighter then concealer.. my friend nicole realise it after i analyse to her. but as face primer.. that is something new. haha gonna give it a try

    i think the cakeyness come when over layering the product.. but we all know that less is more :)

  7. @Ange Demon013 no problem dear. actually you can try the stage camo concealer. is quite good and the coverage is not bad.. :) amazing concealer is rave by michelle phan i wan to try that too!! but its abit pricey for a concealer.. boo :( haha


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